The UK Awaits New Prime Minister As Theresa May Quits Tomorrow

The UK Awaits New Prime Minister As Theresa May Quit Tomorrow
The United Kingdom is making premier preparations to tomorrow's resignation of their current prime minister, Theresa May.
According to our source, the European nation would have welcomed its new leader by lunchtime, as the Conservatives would have announced the winner of the party's two-horse race leadership contest between Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt and former London Mayor, Boris Johnson.

Boris, a one-time Foreign Secretary has retained the bookies’ favorite to get the keys to 10 Downing Street since May’s tearful decision to leave office was announced on the 24th of May.
Today is May's final full day in office and by tomorrow, would be taking her valedictory Prime Minister’s Question, PMQs at the House of Commons.
She would be driving to the Buckingham Palace after that to inform the Queen of her disengagement.
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