Top 12 Signs A Nigerian Man Wants To Marry You

Top 12 Signs A Nigerian Man Wants To Marry You
Every relationship has a destination, while some will eventually lead to marriage, others would have an ending other than marriage.
In most cases, we actually want to marry people we are dating, but one party (mostly the female) might eventually become impatient, or develop some doubts due to the some facts which revolve around lack of assurance.
Women age faster than men, and so most cases (except the ones grossly interested in building careers) once they are getting to 28 years, begin to feel like the time isn't no longer on their sides.
These rushes make most people fall into wrong marriages, but they also work most times.
This article is mainly about people who are already in relationships. If you aren't sure of where it is heading to, then you can run a check with these facts to know for yourself if your man would actually want to marry you.

Top Ten Signs A Nigerian Man Wants To Marry You

Most Nigerian men are hard to predict, but on a closer look especially if you are the woman in question, you can tell for yourself if the 'guy' would actually want to spend his life with you.

• He Respects You

A man who wants to marry you would attach a lot of respect to you. If he's with another lady and you come around, you might notice some uneasiness with him.
This is mostly because he doesn't want to loose you, or he takes you as his 'second mother'. If you aren't like an average girl to him, he might actually be thinking of walking down the aisle with you!

• He Is Concerned About Your Personal Growth and Development

If a man wants to marry you, he's be bothered about so many things concerning your life aside sex. He wants to know if you are doing fine career wise, spiritually and so on.
No one wants to have a mother for his kids whom he wouldn't be proud of.

• He Introduces You To His Family

No man can introduce seven girls to his family, so if you get to that level, congrats, you just passed another stage.
If a man truly wants to spend his life with you, he'd want his parents to know you, and his siblings too. Although this doesn't guarantee 100% certainty of marriage, but it is a good sign.

• He Plans His Life With You

If a man wants to get married to you, he's noticeably involve you when making plans for his own life. This your job, can you be working from Owerri? Can you move down to the east to stay with me? How many kids are OK for you?
You'd know much more about his life than a mere sex partner would, and yea, he'd always take permission from you before making any gross decisions.

• He Misses You And Is Always Concerned About Your Well Being

If a man loves you, he'd love everything about you. It might seem like he's stalking you, but that's probably when it gets to the extreme.
A man who loves you would always let you read signs that he's missing you.

• He Is Always There For You

Whenever you need him, he's let everything else to turn up for you. If something not so good happens to occur to you, he will be shaken and more or less, not be himself.
Hold such man very well, he'd probably be heading to tying the nuptial ties with you.

• He Talks About Marriage-Related Issues

There are a lot of men in Nigeria who aren't actually interested in marriage, and would craftily digress whenever you bring up such topic.
However, when a man sees a future with you, he would always talk about marriage and let you see signs that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

• He Has No Problem Meeting Your Family

Every lady wants her man to meet her family, but a player would always find flimsy excuses to dodge that. If it's not raining today, it'll be too sunny to go outside and on and on, 365 days have slipped by.
No matter how busy a guy is, he'd surely want to meet with your family if he's really interested in a marriage.

• He Apologizes When Wrong And Would Always Want To Settle Differences

A man that loves you would do anything possible not to loose you, and part of it is apologizing when wrong. Men know that women like to always be right, and they are OK with that.
However, when a man doesn't like you, he'd find any possible opportunity to piss you off.

• He Reassures You Of His Love

If a man is always telling you and showing you signs that he loves you, he truly does. No man will fake his love for you, except he actually disliked you along the line.
Forget about lies men tell to get down in bed with you, most men actually don't sleep with people they love except it is convenient for the both.

Getting married isn't a minor decision, and if you must not make mistakes, you should shine your eyes. Remember you aren't getting any younger, don't let anyone waste your time!
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