4+ Really Bad Financial Mistakes That Would Surely Leave You Broke

4+ Really Bad Financial Mistakes That Would Surely Leave You Broke
We all make mistakes, and all mistakes are equal but some are more equal than the others.
When I mean that all mistakes are equal, basically almost all lead to regrets later on. However, some lead to temporary regrets, while the rest hang with you almost your whole lifetime and you have to get used to them.
Among these mistakes, the most gross have to do with our finances and general future. No matter how big you think your problems are, 95% can be solved with money.
You think I lie? Close your eyes, now think of 10 of your problems and what you'd need to solve them. You need a car, clothes, house, quality education, iPhone or what else? Basically even long life can be 'purchased' with money if you learn to adopt healthy living habits, including feeding fine.

However, that's not what we're here to discuss today. There are some really bad financial mistakes that we make that would end up hurting us in the later run.
Some of these weren't built in a day like Rome, and everything you struggled to build for two decades could actually go down in 72 hours with a single mismanagement.

• Junk

Purchasing things you do not need to impress people is so bad. Why buy a shirt because everyone else has that? Do you really need an iPhone? Why borrow to get a $40,000 automobile when you can comfortably get a cheaper one? People forget all those stuff after a year, and most others sincerely do not care.
It's be a better idea to build your own wealth with those expenses and at the end of the day, you get yourself natural fans.

• Saving

I know you'd be thinking that I'm against saving..Lol! Not really, I'm only against letting money sit idly in your bank account.
Why not put it somewhere, maybe even a fixed savings that would add up something at the end of the day. One of such opportunities is SumoBank.ng. You should sign-up, save your money with them and at the end of the day, collect it with an interest that your bank account doesn't give to you.

• Trying To Get It Fast

You can't really be faster than your shadow. Earlier this year, a ponzi scheme was trending and they called it Loom. Most people invested into it because they wanted to get rich without doing anything, and it eventually crashed like MMM and Ultimate Cycler, leading people to losses.
All these get rich-quick schemes aren't always get rich quick, they end up making you loose all your investments and should be avoided.

• Spending More Than You Get

You can't survive financially if you spend more than you get. It has crashed many businesses and is still to crash more.
I remember a top mobile phone manufacturer which shut down because the owner gambled away the companies' funds and left them in dept. I was a fan of the phones, as they always provide quality cameras at affordable rates but they shut down, leaving so many people jobless.

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