WAEC Results | Meaning Of Held, Withheld, Outstanding And Others

WAEC 2019 Results | Meaning Of Held, Withheld, Outstanding And Others
WAEC just announced the release of the results for her 2019 candidates and we already taught how to check your results FREE without purchasing scratch cards.
Have you checked your results and it's showing things you don't understand? Probably telling you it was held/withheld or outstanding?
Many candidates are asking questions like: What does it mean to have outstanding results?, Why I'm I seeing 'No Result For This Candidate in the specified year‘?
We have decided to explain the terms so you'll know what they mean and the chances of getting your results after a period of time.

• Held WAEC Result

Held WAEC Result occurs when the invigilator or supervisor makes a written remark relating to examination malpractice on a candidate's answer booklet.
Possibility of release: Slim

• Withheld WAEC Result

Withheld WAEC Result occurs when majority of candidates in a particular exam centre have thesame grades. WAEC is still investigating the result and if any of the candidates in the centre engaged in examination malpractice the results would be seized but if the reverse is the case, your results will be released after a while.
Possibility of release: Slim

• Outstanding in WAEC Result

This is usually shown when a candidate was recorded present during the examination but the mark on the subject(s) are yet to be concluded. It might also be caused by the extra sheet not properly attached to the answer script and other factors.
Possibility of release: Medium

• 'No Result For This Candidate in the specified year' in WAEC Result

This often happens to candidates that registered and took their exams in special centres. If you didn't partake in any form of examination malpractice, there is a high possibility of your results to be released.
Possibility of release: Slim

In conclusion, if you or your centre engaged in any form of examination malpractice, there are possibilities that WAEC might have caught you. If however you're sure you took the exams as you should have, then there is no need of losing hope. In a little while the news of your results being released will get to you.
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