7 Mobile Apps Nigerians Can't Do Without (How Many Do You Use?)

7 Mobile Apps Nigerians Can't Do Without
When talking about primary needs you hear things like shelter, food, clothing but we forget to mention some apps that we can't really do without.
These mobile apps may be described as ‘basic amenities' and we use them on a daily basis for our shopping, businesses, chatting/connecting with friends, transportation and more.
Some mobile apps Nigerians can't do without include:

• Banking apps

All the Nigerian banks have mobile apps which help their customers in carrying out transactions without visiting the physical branches. These apps make banking easy and fun for customers as almost all kinds of transactions can be carried out.
7 Mobile Apps Nigerians Can't Do Without
Customers can transfer money, recharge their phones, pay for bills and even contact the customer care services with the apps. Customers prefer the mobile banking apps to the USSD codes because the later uses airtime while apps use only your data. Some banks like UBA even go as far as sponsoring your browsing actions if you're using the app.

• Mobile services self-care app

Telecom companies like MTN have mobile apps that help their subscribers to monitor/manage their data usages and subscribe to various data and tariff plans.
If you're an MTN subscriber, you can visit the Google playstore or other app stores to download the My MTN app. It'll go a long way in helping you manage your data usage while informing you of the cheapest available data plans. Also check out our post on how to get 4GB for ₦500 in the MTN Yafun Yafun plan.

• File sharing apps

We all transfer files like music, videos, PDFs and apps  among our friends. These file sharing apps like Xender, bluetooth, Flashare and Xshare enable us share files across many devices without data connection.
7 Mobile Apps Nigerians Can't Do Without
One good thing about these file sharing apps is that they cut across various operating systems and phone specs. You can also use them for viewing files across devices without downloading the files.

• Social media apps

The popular social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest are very necessary in our daily lives.
7 Mobile Apps Nigerians Can't Do Without
We use the various social networking platforms for connecting with our friends, colleagues, families, employees and meeting new friends.

• Transportation apps

The world is advancing and so many things are changing. You can now from the comfort of your house order for a taxi or okada, board the taxi, safely get to your destination and make the payment.
The most popular transportation apps in Nigeria include Taxify, Uber, Gokada, Bolt and Oride. They are available in the various Nigerian cities and often offer discounts to their new customers.

• News apps

Nigerians enjoy gist a lot and are always out for new updates. There are many news blogs in Nigeria but a few News apps that have gotten millions of users.
7 Mobile Apps Nigerians Can't Do Without
One of the most popular news apps in Nigeria is the Opera owned Opera News which has gotten millions of users in Africa. In fact, Opera News it has beaten the likes of Facebook into becoming the most downloaded app in Nigeria.

• Browsers

We all have our favourite browsers and use them for browsing across various websites. The most popular browsers include Opera Mini, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and UC Browser.
7 Mobile Apps Nigerians Can't Do Without
We choose browsers based on several facts like speed, security and phone specs. What's your best mobile browser?

Thanks for reading along, which of the apps above can't you do without? Drop them as comments below and don't forget to share with your friends.
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