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WhatsApp Now Offers Protection For Your Profile Photos | He's What To DO Next...
Facebook owned social network, WhatsApp has come up with a new update to help protect users' profile photos from being copied.
This will help prevent family, friends, colleagues and other WhatsApp users from stealing and saving your photos.
Prior to the update, you could just click on a WhatsApp profile photo and choose to copy, save or export them without needing the users consents.

However, the company made several changes to their privacy policy and updated the app to cover the cause.

How Can You Protect Your WhatsApp Profile Photos Now?

To enjoy this update, you have to update your WhatsApp to the latest version which is currently on beta mode.
After doing that, the options to save or copy WhatsApp images would be removed.

What About Copying People's Images, How Can You Still Do That?

Well, I think you can still do that if you haven't updated your WhatsApp to the latest version. However even after updating, you can still screenshot and crop the images or use a snipping tool.
Stopping this would be very difficult on the side of WhatsApp though, maybe we should keep on looking at them.

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