Combining Home Health And Home Care Services May Solve Rising Health Cost

Combining Home Health And Home Care Services May Solve Rising Health Cost
No matter what you may think, home health and home care are certainly not mutually exclusive services.
It is for this reason that most of the families find that combining these two services together is the best way to utilize the benefits of both these services when it comes to helping a senior who is especially recovering after a hospitalization.
• In home health the care giver addresses both clinical as well as rehabilitative requirements of the recipient during the transition period.
• On the other hand, the home care aide typically helps the senior with personal caregiving including a few household chores.
Ideally, both these kinds of services are necessary for any senior patient to assist them during their recovery period.
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The cost factor

Now, the cost of it could be a point of concern for you. Well, it is said by the experts that home health could be an effective solution to the rising health costs. 
Typically, they possess this belief that:
• Home health care is necessary for all American seniors as they grow old and face health issues and 
• It is also a less expensive means to help them in their process for recovery.
This could be the good news regarding the future of health care spending but on the other hand, the intimidating reality still remains. Quite a number of people believe and worry that the projections could be true for this decade but as it ends it may soon turn out to be a point of bother as and when people get older and in the more distant future.
An emphasis on the budgetary problems faced by the US government is also necessary in this regards. The president of the American Action Forum and the former director of the Congressional Budget Office Douglas Holtz-Eakin warn about the unsustainable trajectory of the budget which may lead to a further rise in the cost of home health care. However, combining home health and home care can resolve this economic issue by a significant margin.
Therefore, from Nursing home info, it can be said that these home health care options provide both social and medical support.

Workshops and reports proves a few points

There are different workshops held by the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council on the cost effects on health care.
One such test results clearly showed that:
• The home health for seniors recovering from a hospitalization or for those people with disabilities can rein in the health care costs and at the same time 
• It can also give all these people a few better health outcomes with just the kind of care they want to have.
Moreover, if you consider the IOM report you will see that it says typically most of the families do not want to think or talk about the ways in which they wish to spend thefinal days of their life. According to the report, this lack of communication has some specific and serious effects on the people such as:
• In results in a prolonged hospitalization
• It raises the medical bills and 
• It creates significant emotional turmoil for the families.
In addition to that, there are other experts from the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization who say that 90% of Americans prefer to spend the final days of their lives at home. 
However, all these reports also say that if people do not express it, they are highly likely to die in a medical facility instead.

Inclusions and concerns

Typically, when it comes to home health care, there are different aspects covered in by the care givers. 
• It may include rehabilitative care to the seniors especially after they undergo any type of surgery.
• It may also include hospice care for the seniors that will help them in expediting their recovery process. 
• The home health care giver may also provide palliative care to specific patients that are usually dedicated to relieve the patients from their physical as well as emotional symptoms that they face after any lifethreatening illness. 
Therefore, it can be said that these home health care options provide both social and medical support.
Apart from the fundamental medical assistance provided by the home health care giver as mentioned above, they may also provide help in other areas that are related to their recovery and daily activities. These areas include:
• Reminding the patient about their necessary medication
• Making family notifications
• Arranging and helping to keep appointments with doctors for a regular check up
• Arranging for transportation as and when required for the patient and even 
• Preparing meals.
However, the fact that people do not know the utility of home care until the time they face any emergency situation is the most significant point of concern by the industry experts.

Looking into the costs and benefits

On an average, the cost of health care in a month for a person who have undergone a surgery and is transitioned to home care can come up to about $1,200. This is typically far to less the cost of being hospitalized or admitted to a skilled nursing facility like a nursing home which can come up to about $12,000 for a month.
Well, in some cases the patients may need to be admitted in a nursing home for a range of medical assistance that only a nursing home can provide but still home health care plays an important role in the lives of those people who can go home after a surgery. 
This is due to the fact that:
• The benefits of home health care outweigh the cost
• There is a continual effort made by the industry to innovate technologically
• It provides more and better opportunities to the care patients to get what they need and 
• The home health care providers are developing more modern training as well as implementing better processes for medications.
In addition to that, the changes in the laws of home health care have also helped the industry to propel its journey forward. For instance the Home Health Improvement Act allows the nurse practitioners to take a lead on home health provisions. This in turn ensures that greater opportunities and lower cost are provided to the patients to get care.

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