Scholarship Opportunity In China - Medicine, Engineering, Other Courses

Scholarship Opportunity In China - Medicine, Engineering, Other Courses
The top universities in China have launched a scholarship program for 'bright students' from the African and Asian continents.
This scholarship covers all top courses whether art or sciences. The scholarship is from second year, and to participate you MUST have an excellent SSCE result.
All you need to pay for are your VISA and travel fees, the feeding and first year tuition. If your result for the first year is OK, then the Chinese government will cover the rest of your tuition in the school.

How To Apply For The Chinese Scholarship

To apply for the Chinese scholarship, you have to first apply for admission, kindly fill this form and the agent will get back to you in less than 24 hours.
Please note:-
• The scholarship is from your second year, so you have to cover your first year tuition fee, rent and feeding, plus your VISA and travel costs.
• Your WAEC result has to be OK to apply, minimum of one C5 and one C6. If your WAEC result isn't so good, you can go for the Indian admissions instead, click HERE.

That's all. If you are interested, kindly fill this form or chat with the admissions agent on WhatsApp via +919629272514 or +2349072979302.
Subsequently, you can contact us to help you with the processes. We can also meet you in person if you stay around Owerri or come around.
Kindly drop us a comment if interested and don't forget to share to your friends.

PS: If you're filling the form, specify that you're interested in the scholarship offers so it will be processed as such
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