How To Trace A Missing Or Stolen Phone From Any Part Of The World

How To Trace A Missing Or Stolen Phone From Any Part Of The World
If the world were filled with only good people, there wouldn't have been so much problems.
Imagine a case where you lose your mobile phone and someone knocks on your door the next week to tell you she found it somewhere...
Well, but things don't always happen that way and so you might need to track the mobile phone yourself. In a case like this, the Nigerian Police Force might not have enough technology to track it and so you would need to do that yourself, at least get a hint of where it is before alerting the Police.

How To Track Your Missing Mobile Phone Without Contacting The Police

In order to track your phone, you'd need a few things such as:
• The phone's IMEI code it the International Mobile Equipment Identity. You can get this by dialing *#06# from the mobile. It is safer to do this before you loose the phone as it is only possible then.
• The phone's receipt, it will be the evidence you'd need to claim it back should any issues arise

After getting the IMEI code, send an email to [email protected] with the following details.
Address: ____________________________
Phone Model: ________________________
Make: ______________________________
Last Used Number: ___________________
Email For Communication: _____________
Missed Date: _______________________
IMEI Number: ______________________

After that, the mobile phone will be traced via a complex GPRS and internet system and the new users mobile number will be sent to your email together with their current location.
You can now inform the Police of the latest development and they can help you with further steps.
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