News | China Begins Exportation Of Second Hand Cars To Nigeria, Other Countries

China Begins Exportion Of Second Hand Cars To Nigeria, Other Countries
The world's largest automotive market, China has commenced the exportation of used automobiles to Africa, Europe and Asia, with Nigeria among the destinations for its first batch of 300 cars.
According to a report from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the first batch of cars comprises of brands from Toyota, Land Rover, Hyndia, Trumpchi, Yutong, Volkswagen, King Long, WOHO and Zhongtong having a total value of $2.5 million.

These cars were taken to destinations including the Rangoon Port (Myanmar) and Vorsino, Sihanoukville Autonomous port (Cambodia), Saint-Petersburg ports (Russia) and Lagos port (Nigeria).
Prior to now, China hadn't been involved in the selling of used cars abroad.
However, quoting a statement from the China’s Ministry of Commerce, it said,
“Although trade in new cars in China last year almost doubled the 13.82 million used cars figure, trading volume of used cars in developed countries, in comparison, was about two times that of new car sales.
“China is hoping to key into this yawning advantage lying beyond its borders. It is estimated that used car exports may fetch about 60 billion Yuan for China in export value if the market is fully opened up. It is also expected the trade would generate higher auto parts and maintenance service exports.
“With all processes done, the first used cars export business in China finally sailed at Nansha Port, Guangzhou, on July 17, 2019 marking a new milestone and economic significance for China’s automobile industry.”
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