6+ Easy Ways To Make Money Online With Google

6+ Easy Ways To Make Money Online With Google
When you need an answer, you consult Google; why not also consult her when you need some money?
Lol... that was just an intro anyways. So many people have been asking for how to make money online from Google.
Google is the king of search engines in the world today, and she has an answer to almost every question you can ever think of. With billions of monthly page views, it is actually generating a lot of money which you can benefit from in one way or the other.

Google offer a lot of pother services aside their search engine, such as the AdSense, AdWord, YouTube, PlayStore and many others. Some of these services, if not all are user generated, which means that you are the ones who generate the stuff others use.
Take for instance, the Google search engine. It is user generated because the results are based on stuff people have already written, and it's same as YouTube and PlayStore.

How To Make Money Online From Google

There are so many ways to make money online from Google. Some pay very well and can serve as your full job whereas the rest can only pass as a side hustle.

Some of them include:

• Google AdSense

If you are a regular user of the internet, whether normal blogs or even YouTube, you'd have seen advertisements popping up here and there.
6+ Easy Ways To Make Money Online With Google
Those adverts are sponsored by people to be displayed on contents by bloggers, YouTubers and other content creators.
You can make your own money by displaying these adverts on your contents, and Google will bear the headache of getting advertisers while you make your money sleeping.
Aside AdSense, there are also a lot of other well paying ad networks and you can see them HERE.

• Google AdMob

Google AdMob is for Android app programmers. You can use it to monetize your apps while you make money from users.
It is a very nice idea because most people nowadays rarely pay for apps, especially when there are tons of free alternatives.
After launching an app, you pay a fee of $25 to upload it to the Google PlayStore, and then you can start making money from the users almost immediately.

• Google Opinion Rewards

The Google Opinion Rewards is an app you will download and earn from taking surveys. The questions are about yourself and for each completed survey, you will get credits of up to $1 at times.
Payment is normally vial PayPal or your Google PlayStore account.
About the reviews, there are a lot of options to chose from so you always have money to make.

• Search Engine Evaluator

A search engine evaluator is becoming one of the hottest work from home opportunities now. Your major job is to make sure search engines like Google and Bing are doing their jobs very well, and supplying relevant information regularly.
Some sites like Appen and Leapforce hire and train search engine evaluators to help measure the usefulness of the web pages while analyzing search engine results.

• Selling of books on Google Play

You can write, publish and sell your books on the Google Play to earn yourself good money online. There are a lot of ready readers there, just waiting for you to write and publish as far as it is good enough.
Of course, if your book isn't good enough, the readers would be back to give negative reviews and no one else would click the purchase button.

• Selling of apps on Google Play

Aside books, you can also create Android apps to sell on the Google Play. There are a lot of free apps there, so you can chose to make yours free and then keep some stuff limited to pro users.
Anything from $1 a month per user is OK, and you can be raking in thousands of dollars monthly if you have a good number of active users.

No matter what you are selling, you actually need a ready market to make your headway. Which of the above methods would you love to try out?
Kindly drop us a comment and share to your friends.
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