5 Things You Didn't Know That Drain Your Phone Battery Speedily

5 Things You Didn't Know That Drain Your Phone Battery Speedily
When it comes to phone batteries, whether Androids, iOS or even Symbian and JAVA devices, they do not last the same.
While some phones, like my Nokia Torchlight can last me for four days straight, my Huawei with constant use of internet would rarely make it to a 24 hours circle.
Of course I'm not expecting much, and that is why I have a power bank. The more things a phone process, the faster it runs down and not all phones have the same battery capacity.
There are some things we can do to help our mobile batteries last longer, but these revolve around minimizing the apps we use, however you possibly wouldn't know what apps are these that drain your battery fast.

Things That Drain Your Mobile Battery Faster Than Normal

They are not only apps, and there are actually actions we all consciously or unconsciousness take which help to drain our batteries quickly.
Some of them include:

• Running Multiple Apps Simultaneously

You are chatting on WhatsApp and playing music in the background, while upgrading an app on PlayStore and downloading a movie from your Google Chrome browser and you want your battery to last.
Even in sleep mode, applications which you leave open in the background still consume a percentage of your battery life not to talk about when you are still making use of the phone.
How can you help this? Whenever you want to minimize your battery usage, simply close the apps that you aren't currently making use of, afterall they're still in the phone and can be used anytime!

• WiFi

Some of us leave our WiFi on so that we can get notified whenever there's a signal around, but have you considered your battery?
Whenever you're not using your WiFi, just put it off until need comes. You can always put it on in the bank, mall, church or any other place where you want to 'tap' into the free data.
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• Screen Brightness

Someone like me is addicted to using my phone's screen brightness at its minimum. Thankfully I have access to steady light in this part of Nigeria.
If you stay in a place where you do not have access to electricity at your disposal, it is best to keep your phone at a low resolution as it will help to improve your battery life.

• Closing of applications the proper way

Sometimes you just force close applications thinking they are already closed, whereas they are still quietly running in your background.
It doesn't cost any extra energy to gently close the apps especially when you are trying to save your battery, and you can always have reasons to be thankful for your battery make!

• Torchlight

It is a bit more convenient using your phone's torchlight, whether it was manufacturer installed or some you got from the PlayStore.
However, to be on the safer side, you can get your self an extra torchlight. Some cost more than a dollar and are rechargeable. The better ones can be gotten for less than $5, and would give you more comfort and satisfaction than your mobile phone's.

Which of these things do you do, whether knowingly or unknowingly? Kindly drop us a comment and share to your friends.
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