25+ Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts For Social Media Marketers

25+ Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts For Social Media Marketers
Twitter is among the first 5 most popular social networking platforms in the world and a great choice for internet marketers because of its flexibility.
Getting huge fan base on Twitter is very easy as you don't need to use hacks or tweaks, just follow trends and sue hashtags on your posts. In fact, getting your tweets to go viral is as easy as typing an original tweet in a trending topic.
In today's article, we'd be sharing a very amazing but yet unpopular Twitter feature:- The Twitter Shortcut!

What are Twitter Shortcuts?

Twitter shortcuts help you perform certain actions like posting of new tweets, liking/retweeting/replying of tweets, sending of DMs, blocking of other users and many more. The shortcuts are available on Google Chrome, Moxilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, UC Browser and the other major browsers.
NOTE: To see the full list of available Twitter shortcuts, type 'SHIFT + ?' on any Twitter page and a pop-up listing all of them will appear.
25+ Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts For Social Media Marketers
So after reading this article, it's also necessary for you to view them yourself as the Twitter teams sometimes update the shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts 

The following are the list of keyboard shortcuts available on Twitter.com:


n  =  new Tweet
l  =  like
r  =  reply
t  =  Retweet
m  =  Direct Message
u  =  mute account
b  =  block account
enter  =  open Tweet details
o   =  expand photo
/  =  search
cmd-enter | ctrl-enter  =  send Tweet


?  =  full keyboard menu
j  =  next Tweet
k  =  previous Tweet
space  =  page down
.  =  load new Tweets


g and h  =  Home timeline
g and o  =  Moments
g and n  =  Notifications tab
g and r  =  Mentions
g and p  =  profile 
g and l  =  likes tab
g and i  =  lists tab
g and m  =  Direct Messages
g and s  =  Settings and privacy
g and u  =  go to someone’s profile

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