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How to learn HTML online
The world is going digital and more brands are now taking their businesses online for a wider exposure.
With a population of over 190 million people (2017), we are being estimated to exceed a population of 200 million by 2020.
According to 2018 report by PremiumTimesNG.com, the population of internet users in Nigeria are estimated to be over 100 million.
Now, out of these 100 million, 65% are rapidly going into business, and the rest would be joining in the next few years. The easiest way to succeed in Nigeria is to take your business online, and thousands of Nigerians are busy spamming Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp with their products.
What would happen when these social networking websites are down? I can't recall how many times Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have been down, and even Twitter experienced issues once or twice.
Thousands Of Nigerians Are Looking For Affordable Website Designers...
There are so many business owners in Nigeria who currently need website designers and developers to help them both take their businesses online and manage them.
Depending on the client, you can charge anything between ₦35,000 to ₦150,000 for a full website, while the only cost of production (everything you spend for creating it) wouldn't be more than ₦10,000.
Of course it is dependent on the client. There are some hosting and domain names that you can get for as low as ₦7,500, and that's all you have to spend to get the website running.
Most clients pay ₦20,000 per month to help them run their websites, since they do not have a good knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP, and that is a full time employment of its own.

I have a friend who is managing around 12 websites for people, and he is earning large from doing almost nothing!
What does it take to become a web developer and designer?
Most clients do not need to see your certificate to give you jobs, just some samples of your works. You only need to show them that you can actually deliver their work, and on time and they also love to hear that you do not back out after sales.
I have worked with Indian, American, Ghanaian and Nigerian businesses, and I'd tell you for sure that it is a skill worth investing in.
Some top schools like NIIT charge up to ₦200,000 for web designing and development courses, while the other ones might charge something lesser.
I paid ₦95,000 to learn the full course at ImoTech Institute, Owerri, and I got the full web designing and development courses.
I am not regretting the course, because I have actually made multiples of that, however if I had known, I'd have purchased a course from Udemy or any other online e-tutorial sellers.
It could go for $49, but I'd have still been impacted the full values for which I paid ₦95,000 to learn it offline.
Our offer!
After practising and teaching for nearly two years, I have finally dropped my eBook that will help people learn web designing and development courses from the comfort of their homes, while spending less for the same value.
Fully packed in a PDF, the 132 pages eBook will cover everything you need to know concerning web designing and development, starting from the beginners approach to HTML and CSS.
There are also full page screenshots, to make sure you get the best in order to stand our from the other crowd of web developers.
How Much Is This eBook?
Well, we kept it at a normal price of ₦15,000, but would be giving it out at only ₦7,000 from now till the ending of this month.
Not only an awesome discount, you also get a guarantee, and if after 24 hours of purchasing the eBook, you feel it's not worth it, just shoot me an email or WhatsApp message (you can get my contact from HERE) and I'd refund you, while you get to keep the product.
What Does The EBook Cover?
I covered everything you need to know about building websites from scratch in HTML and CSS, even up to uploading the site.
You can create awesome blogs and vlogs, church websites, ecommerce shops, school websites, ponzi websites, forums and other types of websites.
Even if you do not want to create for others, it'd be the best idea to learn how to create yours at only ₦7,000, rather than paying someone more than ₦50,000 to do just that for you.
You'll also save yourself the stress of correcting someone who probably didn't get the exact idea you wanted them to represent.
How Can You Get Your Own Copy Of This Tutorials?
If you want to pay via PayPal or Payoneer, you can contact us for our ID. If you're in Nigeria and can pay via bank transfer, you can get our account details by clicking HERE.
After making payments, kindly contact us with your email and we'd forward it straight into your email.
Subsequently, you can get it immediately if you pay via your credit card. Kindly click HERE to visit our Paystack page and download it immediately.

What's more? Thanks a lot for reading along. Don't forget to drop us a comment and share to your friends.
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