How To Run A Successful Dry Cleaning Business In Nigeria

How To Run A Successful Dry Cleaning Business In Nigeria
Dry cleaning or laundry business is a very good business that can fetch you more than ₦500,000 monthly in Nigeria.
It is an awesome and highly demanded business that strives well in most developed Nigerian cities. It is true that not many Nigerians can afford giving their dirty clothes to the dry cleaners but at the end of this article you'll be able to know who to target and where to site your business.

Is dry cleaning business lucrative?

This is one question a good number of people interested in venturing into dry cleaning business ask. Well, it's a very lucrative business and I'll pen down some key facts about it.
Many people in the cities are so busy with work that they don't have the slightest time to do their laundries. They prefer sending their clothes to the dry cleaners to letting anyone come to their house to wash, dry or iron attires their clothing sets.
Also, not all families can afford washing machines but almost every family can afford to send their clothes to the dry cleaners who normally charge less than ₦500 for each clothe.
Let's assume you charge ₦500 per shirts and if you're able to watch 20 shirts in a day, you should know how much you'd be making in a day. In a good day, a good dry cleaner should access more than 20 clothes.

Why dry cleaning business?

When you have different businesses in mind and starting a dry cleaning business is among the options, you might consider choosing the laundry business because:
• It requires little capital to start. With a capital of ₦100,000 you can set your business running and expand with time.
• Unlike some other businesses, if you don't have enough money to rent a shop you can start with your residential building. All that matters is having a space to house your washing machine and some other equipment you might be using.

Equipment needed to start laundry business in Nigeria

In starting a good laundry business in Nigeria you'd be needing:

• Ironing Table

You'll be needing a wide ironing table to give you enough pressing space and convenience. The table should also be smooth as having rough surfaces will make your customer's clothes rumpled.
The best alternative to the tables is the pressing benches. You can easily get them from the market or electronic shops at affordable rates.

• Set of hangers and a garment conveyor

This is for hanging finished clothes.You can go for a nice one that is locally made by furniture makers around you. It should be wide enough to avoid stuffing clothes.

• Buckets

Inasmuch as you'd be using a washing machine, you will also be needing a bucket for washing out certain stains from your customers' clothes.

• Washing basins

Big washing basins are necessary for soaking different materials and colours of fabrics. Handle people's clothes carefully as different fabrics are better off washed alone. Soak jeans differently and whites differently.

• Electric iron with steam feature

Invest in a good pressing iron and if possible, one with steam feature. Many of your customers will be coming for only ironing and it won't make sense if their clothes are not done very well. I use Philips iron in my house and I'm very okay with it. If you need a good iron, I suggest you go for a similar brand.

• Power generator

Due to the epileptic state of the Nigerian electricity you MUST be needing a generator for your business. Go for a good generator that will be able to carry your pressing iron and washing machines.

• Washing and dry cleaning machine

This is the most important equipment you'd be needing in your business. There are affordable washing and drying machines in the market and you can get one for as low as ₦80,000. You can get for yourself a 14KG top loader LG washing Machine to start your dry-cleaning business

Best detergent for laundry business in Nigeria

There are so many good brands of detergent in Nigeria like Sunlight, Ariel, Omo, Good Mama, Klin, Bimbo, etc. I prefer Sunlight because of the nice smell but you can also go for any of the brands you love.
You might also need different stain removal chemicals like Ink removal, rust removal, oil removal and mucor removal. They are available in the markets and supermarkets.

Laundry Business In Nigeria

One of the first things you should put into consideration while venturing into laundry/dry cleaning business in Nigeria is your business location. It is a kind of business that strives better in the developed cities.
You might also be needing things like water tanks (which might go for ₦30,000), extension sockets, ropes for drying your clothes and clothes basket.
What's more? Thanks for reading along, don't forget to drop us a comment and share with your friends. Also check out expert guide on how to start commercial garri processing business in Nigeria.

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