How To Apply For A National Identity Card In Kenya

How To Apply For A National Identity Card In Kenya
Getting your national ID card as a Kenyan citizen is very easy if you have all the required documents at hand.
The national ID card is the main and legal identification document recognized in Kenya. With it you can create bank accounts, register new numbers and perform virtually any kind of task that requires ID card in Kenya.

Requirements For Identity Card Application In Kenya 

To get your national ID card, you'll first need to provide your original birth certificate (you'll also submit a photocopy). If the applicant has a first school leaving certificate, he or she will also be instructed to provide it to the officials.
Original national identity cards of both parents of the applicants are also required. The ID cards will be photocopied for reference purposes.

How To Apply For A National Identity Card In Kenya

The applicants will go to the office of the District Officer to get the national identity card form. The next step will be to correctly fill the details on the form. The filled forms will then be taken to the the assistant chief or the chief for signing.
When the above steps are completed, the filled forms should be taken to the District officer for verification of the information provided. The District officer will after verification, append a signature to the form.
After this stage the applicant's finger prints and passport size photograph together with the filled form will be sent to the relevant offices mandated with the creation of the national identity cards.
This is the final stage and the applicants will have to wait for the national ID card to be processed. The waiting period may last up to 2 months and the applicants will be notified by the District officer on when to come for the ID card. During this period, a waiting card (or temporal ID card) will be issued to the applicant and it can serve in lieu for the main ID.

Further Questions:

Some popular questions Kenyans ask on the issue of applying and collecting the national ID card include:

• Can One Apply For An ID At Huduma Centre?

Huduma Centres are set up in by the Kenyan government to hasten the process of application and collection of national ID cards.
Citizens who apply at the Huduma Centre will be able to obtain their ID cards or certificate of good conducts in just a day.
According to Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru, in the next two months the service will be available in headquarters of 10 counties.
The Huduma Kenya centres will be set up in Nakuru, Garissa, Kakamega, Kisii, Nyeri, Mombasa, Embu, Kisumu, Eldoret and Kajiado.

• What Are The Huduma Centre ID Application Requirements?

The requirements for getting your national ID cards in the Huduma centres are similar to the normal offices. You'll be required to present:
  - Your first school leaving certificate (if available)
  - Original birth certificate
  - National identity cards of both parents
  - Religious card or assessment certificate
  - Plus the photocopies of the documents listed above

• How Can I Apply For Kenyan ID Online?

Kenyan government have not yet provided a fully comprehensive system for applying for the identity card online. You know there are so many requirements other than filling the forms. Your passport photograph, thumbprint and some others might affect the system.
However, the Huduma centres might be somehow closer to the online application portal as it quickens the whole process. The Kenyan government has also provided websites where one can download the forms easily.
In the form, you'd be asked to fill in your:
  - Your full name
  - Date of birth
  - Gender (male or female)
  - Father’s name
  - Mother’s name
  - Marital Status
  - Husband’s full name
  - Husbands ID/NO.
  - District of birth
  - Tribe
  - Clan
  - Family
  - Home district
  - Division
  - Constituency
  - Location
  - Sub Location
  - Village Estate
  - Home address
  - Occupation
  - A check box for the necessary documents needed for the application of the ID process.
  - Your signature (to certify all the information you have given is correct) and date of application.
  - Your right hand and left hand thumbprint
You can download the application form for free in this page.

• Can I Apply For The Kenyan ID Card In UK?

Kenyan citizens in the different European countries like Germany and Italy can easily apply for for their their Kenyan ID cards without having to travel back to Kenya. 
To apply for this, you'd have to present the following documents to the Kenyan high court in London:
- A valid Kenya passport
- A duly filled application Form (ID Card Application Form)
- Applicant’s birth certificate
- A copy of either of the parents’ New Generation Identity card
- Two Passport size photographs(most recently taken)
It is advisable to call the High Commission in London BEFORE you travelling to avoid making mistakes. The commission will update you on the information required and also tell you whether you'd MUST pick the ID yourself when out.
Also endeavour to present a valid passport. Some online media instruct that you start the process at least a year before the expiration of your passport so you'd have ample time to apply for the both documents.
In the spaces provided for the tribe, Clan, Village, District and some others, use the details from your parent's ID.
Don’t fill the last part that should be signed by the chief, it will be Commissioner in the United Kingdom.

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