26+ Easiest Ways To Make Money Online In Kenya

How to make money online in Kenya
The rate of unemployment in Kenya and other African countries is undoubtedly appreciating, and we seem to be doing nothing about them.
One of the dangers surrounding this is the fact that people will have to eat, and house themselves, and wear dresses, so they must do anything virtually possible to survive.
One of the easiest ways to survive in this condition is to join an internet business. Making money online in Kenya is very easy, and all you need is a laptop, modem and/or a mobile  phone, then your intellects.

If you are actually looking for how to make money online in Kenya, or how to earn ksh online, then this article got you covered. I'm not assuring you that this article will teach you how to make big money in Kenya, but with a little time and your commitments, then you will be sure to enjoy the dividends.
In case you missed our previous article, then go and check out how to make money online as a student in Kenya. Some of these jobs are online survey jobs in Kenya that pay through Mpesa. Most of them don't even need special skills, for example the Kenyan paying surveys.
You only need to be committed as I've earlier stated, and you will make it online!

The Easiest Guide On How To Make Money Online In Kenya

In this article I'd not be talking about Forex, binary trading, bitcoins or other shady investments, so if you are interested in those ones, please refer to this article.
We will be talking about real internet businesses, which can earn you passive income in Africa. Some of them do not need any investments, some need very little and the rest need bigger, but they are all lucrative especially if you play your roles well.

If you want to avoid the so many scams that dominate the internet, then you need to be extra careful. Avoid paying to get a job, if they were employing you, why would you need to pay?
Also avoid get rich quick scheme, they can ruin your internet career, most of them are scam.
If you really need to start making money online, then you will need to help yourself with some of our eBooks. We have written them all from experiences and they processes are all verified. Kindly visit our shop to get yourself some copies now!

Also before we begin, you will need a Payoneer account because many of these companies and sites pay via that, you can sign up here by clicking here now!
Some of the best ways to make money online in Kenya include:

- Blogging

Blogging is my favorite way of making money online, or rather one of my favorites. With it, all you need to do is create a website, write and publish articles, drive traffic to them and make your money.
I recently published an article on how you can triple your net worth with blogging in 6 months, and you can refer to it on this page.

Now some of the ways to make money from your blog include eCommerce, ad networks, affiliate marketing, offering of services and many more. If you want to start blogging, then go to Whogohost.com and check out the prices of domain names and/or hosting spaces.
You can also contact us to create your site for as low as $30, we will deliver in less than 48 hours.

- Vlogging

Vlogging is also popularly known as YouTubing, though not limited to that. You can create and upload videos to YouTube, then monetize them.
Some of the ways through which you can make money from your YouTube channel include the YouTube AdSense, affiliate marketing, dropshipping and sales of your own goods and services.
If you are still new to it and want to learn how to create a successful YouTube channel, please visit this page!

- Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also another very lucrative way of making money online easily. It is very much stress-free, all you need to do is generate sales to other people's products and services, then make money from that.
With affiliate marketing, you do not need to own your own products. All you need to do is talk about other people's own, and then you earn commissions as they make purchases.
We have dropped a lot of affiliate marketing platforms which can generate money for you on this page, so you will need to check it out.
To succeed in affiliate marketing, you will need to own a blog, though it's not compulsory, it is worth it. You can contact us now to set up one for you in less than 48 hours.

IMPORTANT: If you are a student in Kenya, and you want to start making as much as $400 online monthly legitimately, please visit this page now!

- Dropshipping

Dropshipping is also a very lucrative way of making money online in Kenya. It is similar to affiliate marketing, and we have dropped the 10 best dropshipping platforms for beginners on this page.
One of the major advantages of affiliate marketing is that you do now need to own your own products, once someone makes an order through you, you purchase from the store online and send to them.
If you want to learn the secrets of succeeding in the dropshipping business, please visit this page now.

- Freelancing

Freelancing is one of my favorite ways of making money online, because it doesn't require any capital, just your laptop and modem.
You can be making as much as $1,000 monthly, freelancing in Kenya and you know what that means. We have published an eBook on over 100 websites that are currently paying freelance writers, and you can grab a copy by visiting this page. It is very affordable.

- Software reviewing

I started reviewing of software late 2018, and though I didn't take it too serious, I have made more that $300. I have a friend who has made over $1,000 and so it is very lucrative.
All you need to do is search for a software, make its review and get paid via Amazon, VISA, Tango or any other gift cards you chose.
However, VISA gift card is the online one you can make use of outside the United States, so I suggest you go with that. If you are interested in this, then learn more about the Capterra here or Gartner here.
There are plenty others, but the above two have paid me.

- Selling of your photos online

Since you have a good mobile phone or even digital camera, why not sell it online? You can watermark them and post on your Instagram, then sell them for around $1 each, then when people pay, you send the one without watermarks to them.
Aside that, you can also sign up with stock photos websites such as Shutterstock, post your quality photos there and earn commissions as people purchase them.

- Make money from creating apps

If you can create an Android, iPhone or even Windows app, then you can make money from them. For Android apps, you can upload them to the Google PlayStore, then monetize them with the Google AdMob.
Aside that, you can also monetize your utility apps by offering paid plans and if they are helpful enough, your users wouldn't mind spending a few dollars to get the pro plan.

- Software creating

If you are software programmer, then you are already an oil mill. You can create and manage a single app for a firm for as much as $2,000. All you need to do is be best at what you can do, then advertise yourself very well.
If it is good enough, it will sell itself.
As for getting clients, you can get for yourself from Fiverr.com or any other job boards online.

- Graphics designing

If you are an awesome graphics designer, it's time to make money out of your passion. You can go to Fiverr, Upwork or any other job boards online, create designs, photos, logos and so on for people then make money out of it.
For your convenience, I have published an article on the 11 best graphics design software you can use online, so do well to check them out.
You can also cartoon people's photos and make a few cents out of it, especially on Facebook and Instagram. Once your friends and fans like what you are doing, you are good to start getting paid.

- Create designs and get paid for them

You can create designs of shirts, plates or any other stuff online and make money when they are purchased. One of the sites that offer this services is the Spreadshirt.com.
To succeed in this, you will need to make so many designs, because the more you make, the more sales you generate for yourself.

- Information marketing

Information marketing is also another key way through which I make money online. If you can teach people how to create a working PayPal account anywhere in the world, why not put it into a video or eBook, upload to Sellfy.com and make money?
You can advertise the eBook or video on your blog, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media handles and send them to purchase it from the eCommerce website.
Once they do, you will get your money into your PayPal or Payoneer account, bank account or any other places you chose.

- Mini-importation

The importation business was formerly limited to only the big heads and people who can invest millions, but thanks to recent developments, it is no more so.
You can now import little items like wrist watches, wallets, handbags and so on into Kenya and make your own money online.
A wrist watch you purchase for $4 from a Chinese eCommerce store can sell $15 in Kenya, and people would rush it.
When embarking into this business, you have to be very careful. You have to shine your eyes because there are so many scammers out there and it would be very painful to lose your capital to an internet thief. To avoid stories that touch, always go for the trusted sellers and make sure to check their reviews online.

- Domain/Website flipping

Late 2018, I built a blog with less than $20 and sold it off for $200. All I did was to write some contents, then advertise it on my Twitter handle.
It didn't take me three days and I landed a client who bought it off immediately.
Website flipping is very lucrative but there are some things which will determine the price of the domains and websites such as its domain name, domain authority, page authority, Alexa rank and daily traffic or unique page views.
To learn more about domain flipping and how you can be successful, you can visit this page.

- Get paid to use social networking

You use Facebook, Twitter and other top social networking sites right? Don't you know that you can as well get paid to chat online? A website such as Peptribe is out for you and I suggest you check it out.
Chat, post photos, refer friends and have fun while making money, it's all about that!

- Make money online from shortening urls

You can make money online from shortening urls, but it isn't going to be that much, except you have that big hell of a traffic.
All you do is shorten the links and place into your blog posts, then a 5 seconds of ad will be displayed inbetween after which your users will have the option of redirecting.
Whether they click or not, you have made your money.
You can see more about that on this page!

- Become a virtual assistant

I remember when I had an issue with my domain name, I had to call the UK host which was in charge of the domain and their customer care picked up.
That individual that picked up is called a virtual assistant. You too can be one. All you need to do is have a nice accent, probably foreign, the go to any of these job boards and create yourself a profile.
LinkedIn will also be helpful to you if you need clients.

- Do voice overs for people

If you have a very nice voice, then people can pay you to record your voice for their podcasts, advertisements or any other stuff.
Some clients make as much as $50 from just a two minutes of talking, and that is bigger than your day pay in Kenya.

- Make money creating videos for people

You can make money creating videos for people, and you don't even need to show your face. Whiteboard videos sell very well, so you can go with that.
A good whiteboard video maker could go for as low as $20 per month but with that and your commitment, you can be making close to $1,000 a month.

- Sell your old notes online

How about you sell your old notes, handouts and other study materials and make yourself money to purchase new ones online? You can join a site like Studysoup to start selling your notes online and making yourself good money!

- Social media

The social media alone is a goldmine, and the earlier you know this the better for you. Some of all the money I've ever made online were either from my blog, or from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Peptribe or Nairaland.
At times I even sell my products and services on my WhatsApp story or in WhatsApp groups. Aside that, a website like Izea.com.
They would pay you to advertise on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and any other social networking sites you belong to.

- Teaching online

If you have a degree or any other certificates, and you can tutor people, then there are a lot of foreign students out there who would need you to teach them, and they would be willing to pay you very well.
You can teach anything from tough subjects like Maths and Arithmetic even to Biology and Chemistry, as far as you are a pro in them.
If you are interested in this, then join Teach Away!

- Translation and language interpretation

You can translate languages online, and you don't even need to be a genius in the two of them. Some of these jobs can be gotten from Amazon Mturk and other related job boards.
With time, you will begin to master the subjects and then you will have to take tougher jobs and offers.

- Transcribing of podcasts

If you are a good listener, then you can transcribe podcasts for clients and make good money online. I have't done this because it is a bit tasking for a busy internet marketer like me, but if you take it serious, it will surely pay you very well.
It is very easy to make money online in Kenya as far as you are committed to the whole thing.

- Listing hostels for cash

You can list available hostels for other students, especially if you are one or stay around a study area. This is a very lucrative way of making money in Nigeria, with a site like Adi.ng but it is also available for Kenyans.
Even without that, you can create a blog for this and monetize it with an ad network or even estate management.

- Become an online housing agent

Everything is becoming digital now, and not everyone can pass through the stress of looking for a house. You can become an online housing agent and make good money for yourself referring tenants to landlords.
You can even create a blog or website for same purposes.

- ECommerce

This should have come at the top, but none is better than each other...Lol! Some of the top eCommerce stores in the world like Konga, Jumia and Amazon all started like a joke.
You can start your own store today, sell your products whether gadgets, fashion products or whatever and make your money online. It could be on pay on delivery, that way people will trust you more and also make sure to deliver on time and give them what they paid for.
Don't advertise original Gucci and sell fake ones to them...nup, they'd not patronize you again.

- Give your opinions as surveys and make money from that

You can make money from carrying out surveys in Kenya. All you need to do is answer some series of questions, for example on why you like Coca-Cola Fanta and other simple things.
On average the surveys take me just 5 minutes, and it's over. If you are interested in this, then join a site like Savvy Connect.

- Do website testing online

You can make something close to $20 testing websites online on User Testing and Enroll App. All you need is a good pc and/or mobile phone, fitting the requirements.
Once you download the software, give your reviews and submit, they approve and reward you as agreed.

Thanks for reading along. You have seen our 26+ ways of making money online in Kenya, it's all left up to you to make a choice.
If you want to start making as much as $2,000 monthly online from your house in Kenya, then you need to grab a copy of our 75-pages eBook, 'Making Millions In Your Dark Room'!
It covers everything you need to know about making money online in Kenya, and is very affordable. Grab yourself a copy now, visit this page for more.

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