7 Signs That Show You Need Glasses

7 Signs That Show You Need Glasses
The eye is more or less the most important organ of the body and something we really can't do without.
Having a good eye sight is something we all wish for but as we advance with age, certain factors might make it necessary for us to start putting on glasses to aid our vision. 
Speaking of eyesight and other eye problems, let me tell you that if you come across any kind of eye problem, you will have to visit an optician. 
You should also try to learn how to read your eye glasses prescription.
If you are a student and still thinking of what to choose as a career, be informed that a career as an optician is becoming more popular and successful.
So if you notice any of these signs, you probably have to visit an optician for an eye test and maybe, a pair of glasses:

• You experience headaches

Headaches can be a sign of astigmatism or hypermetropia as the both conditions cause your eye to the strain and fatigue much of the time. So if you experience headaches after working, reading or using your eyesight, the it might be a sign that your doctor is calling.

• Night vision

If you notice that you no longer see things at night as vividly and sharply as you used to, it is best to see a doctor as these might be an early sign of cataracts. Cataract is an eye defection that can be successfully treated if diagnosed early. Kindly check out cataract orange county.

• Itchy eyes

If you can't do without rubbing your eyes for 30 minutes, there is a possibility that you may be experiencing eye strain and a pair of correctly prescribed glasses can aid you in this situation. Another major cause of itchy eyes or frequent eye rubbing can be  conjunctivitis or allergies, which also will warrant you to meet a professional for treatment.

• Double vision

Having a double vision isn't only a sign that you're drunk, it can also be a sign of an eye defection especially when you didn't drink. If you often see double of every object, you might be suffering from eye muscle problems or cataracts and would need to see an eye doctor.

• Computer reading

Do you experience difficulties reading from your computer screen from a normal distance? If yes, it might be a sign of hyperopia (farsightedness).
Anytime you're using the computer, always endeavour to apply the 20-20-20 rule, look 20 meters away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

• Slow adjustment

Try walking into a dark room from an area with a bright light, if it takes a while for your eyesight to adjust to new lighting conditions, it might be a sign that your eye muscles are weakening. This usually occurs as we age, but it's also advisable that you see an eye doctor.

• Blurry vision

This is one of the signs of the most common eye defections, nearsightedness and farsightedness and they both require glasses. However, you can also experience it when you strain your eyes or stress yourself.

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