Telegram Introduces Slow Mode, Silent Messages, Animated Emoji And Admin Titles Features

Telegram Introduces Slow Mode, Silent Messages, Animated Emoji And Admin Titles Features
Cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service, Telegram just released a new version with newer features.
The new version v5.10 brings in quite a number of amazing features to its users. The features are available to both users, group members and the group admins.
Some of the features rolled out include:

• Silent Messages

This feature allows you to send messages without making a sound. To activate it, just hold the SEND button select the deliver the message or media without sound option.
The receiver will get the message notification as usual but his/her won’t make any sound even if they forgot to enable the Do Not Disturb mode. The feature works for both personal and group messages.

• Slow Mode

The slow mode feature is for group admins that wish control the rate at which their group members send messages. By activating the Slow Mode in your group, you'd be limiting the rate at which members post per interval.
This feature will help in reducing the flooding of messages in the group as a timer will show how long a user has to wait before sending in the next message.

• Admin Custom Titles

Group admins can now set custom titles like 'Information Guide Africa', 'Wise Drew', 'Funny Harley', 'Bigi E' etc for admins. This feature will make it easier for members to identify the admins and be sure they're talking to the  designated person.

• Animated Emoji

The animated emoji feature will make Telegram more fun as you can now send thumbs up and love emojis to both private and group chats.

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