Top 5 Nigerian-International Music Collaborations Of All-Time

Top 5 Nigerian-International Music Collaborations Of All-Time
The Nigerian music industry is considered the best in Africa and well recognised in most parts of the world.
The top Nigerian artists have released songs that have amassed millions of views on YouTube and other platforms. Many Nigerian artists have collaborated with international artist in Africa and beyond.
Over the past 10 - 15 years, songs by Nigerian artists have topped music charts, gotten nominated for several awards and broken several records including 100 million views on YouTube and shutting down the 02 Arena in London.
The top 5 Nigerian-international collaborations of all time include:

• Blow My Mind - Davido ft. Chris Brown

The 'If' crooner collaborated with top American star, Chris Brown in producing 'Blow My Mind'. The song has broken a number of records apart from being the fastest Nigerian song to reach one million streams on Spotify.
Blow My Mind has garnered more than 10 million views in less than 2 weeks of its release and also become the most played Nigerian song on music radio within a short space of its release. It also received massive massive airplay on American radio.

• Come Closer - Wizkid ft. Drake

'Come Closer' was Wizkid's first single in 2017 and he collaborated with American rapper, Drake. The song was loved by Nigerians and received constant radio airplay in Nigeria and beyond. It became the fastest Nigerian music video to reach 1 million views before 2017 although Davido's 'Blow My Mind' (with Chris Brown) has broken the record now.
'Come Closer' is still the most streamed Nigerian song on Spotify and till today. The video though without Drake, also garnered millions of views on YouTube.

• Mr Endowed (remix) - D’banj ft. Snoop Dog

D'banj teamed up with Snoop Dog into producing what I'll call an monster hit. The remix of 'Mr Endowed' so much spread in Nigeria like a wild fire that you'd hardly visit a party without dancing to the tunes of the song.
Till today, Nigerians are still wowed as to how Don Jazzy and D'banj managed to team up to create such an amazing hit.

• Beautiful Oyinye - Psquare ft. Rick Ross

After releasing the 'Beautiful Oyinye' in 2011, the Psquare twins teamed up with American superstar, Rick Ross into producing a remix. The Maybach music boss did so well in the song that it became the favourite in so many radio channels across the country.
'Beautiful Oyinye' is one kind of a special song that loudly advocates Africa to the world. In fact, even till 2019, you'd still hear some Nigerian radio stations playing it to their audience.

• Fans Mi - Davido ft. Meek Mill

Davido is really one of the best Nigerian artists in terms of collaborating with international artists. He has sang with a number of them including the likes of Quavo, Nasty C, Wale, Kidi and many others.
Among his international collaborations, Fans Mi is no doubt one of the most played. One of the factors that contributed to its fame was the controversial scenes in the video.

Which of the songs above was your best and which one do you still play in 2019? Don't forget to drop us a comment and share with your friends.
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