How To Make Animation And Cartoon Videos And Make Money From Them

How To Make Animation And Cartoon Videos And Make Money From Them
Animation and cartoon videos are hot cakes not, and people are cashing out thousands of dollars monthly from creating and publishing them.
You could monetise them yourself, through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other ways, and hundreds of companies are looking for people to hire to create their own.
However, learning how to make animation videos do not cost penny. A good number of courses on the particular topic cost nothing less than $500, and you would need a pretty good computer to be able to use the software.

How To Make Money From Cartoon Videos

Before we continue to discuss learning how to create the videos, you might be interested in knowing how to monetise the skills, which is of course, the most important.

Some of the ways of monetising your skills include:

• Making and selling of your own videos: You can make good money from your knowledge of cartoon and animation video making by creating and selling of your own videos.
All you need is a good story line, and you could start creating and burning them on discs.
• YouTube: If you don't want to stress yourself burning and selling discs, you could actually let YouTube make you money, even while you're sleeping.
I can help you out with this if you need help.
• Your own website: You could actually make awesome videos for your blog, and monetise them together. Google and other search engines would give you preference because of the videos, and you would be turning in thousands of visitors monthly even without much stress.
• Creating videos for people: This is one of the most lucrative ways of making money from your knowledge.
You can create videos for companies and individuals, and the skill is in high demand. Most clients pay more than $150 for each video because they all know it is very complex to build.
All you need to do is create an account on Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.com and any other top job boards, and you'd start making a living for yourself.
• Teaching people: You could actually make good money online teaching people how to create the videos.
It is a hot cake now and I'm sure you will make a lot of money from them.

How Can You Learn How To Create Animations And Cartoon Videos?

As I have earlier said, most people charge nothing less than $500 to teach you this skill, but I have a friend who has taught over 300 students, including myself.
I'm partnering with him to give a discount to all who come across this post, and the tutorials will be in a closed WhatsApp group.
Now here's the deal, I created the group, all I will do is get students in bulk, then invite them to come learn and pay him once for all. Since it's the same energy for teaching one as for teaching all, he'd teach you everything you need to know.

What You'd Be Learning:-

• Three software for making animation videos on your Android devices, and how to use them. One is paid but he'd be showing you how to use it totally free for life
• How to compress your cartoon videos so that they can play on any devices
• The biggest secret on how to make cartoons with zero programming skills, all with an Android phone or pc
• How to create cartoons without needing to draw or design anything, all you need is an idea, and your video will be available in minutes!

How Can You Join This Classes?

The normal price is ₦5000, but for people who join through me, they'd be paying only ₦1000. You will not need to purchase any software, and you do not pay a dime again for life for this.
The promo will not last for long, so I advise you partake in it as soon as possible. The classes will be held on WhatsApp, and twice a week- every Saturday and Wednesday.
This means that if you pay, you'd be fixed into the next available class.
If you are not on WhatsApp, you can add a friends number, the messages would be there for you to learn with at your own convenience.

How To Pay:-

You can get access to the WhatsApp group immediately if you pay via our Paystack link, or you can pay via bank transfer into any of our bank accounts.
If you pay via bank transfer, kindly message us on WhatsApp via +2349072979302 or +2348157449397 to be added to the group.
For non-Nigerians, the cost of the classes would be $10. Payment will be via PayPal or any other ways you choose.
Also message us on WhatsApp via above numbers.

What's more? Thanks a lot for reading along. Don't forget to drop us a comment and share to your friends.
It's time to bring out the creative part of you!
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