Blockchain Technology Revolutionizes Industries Globally

Blockchain Technology Revolutionizes Industries Globally
The revolutionary technology Blockchain has been creating waves since it was first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008.
The technology, back then, was introduced to record the transactions of cryptocurrency – Bitcoins. However, over the years, there has been numerous ways this disruptive technology has made itself useful to the various industries.
Blockchain technology, with its unique features, have been silently making its presence felt in the numerous industries like healthcare, FinTech, banking services, real estate, supply chain, manufacturing, digitizing land records among other industries. 
These industries have realized the importance of Blockchain technology and how it can help transform the way these industries function. 
Not for nothing, Blockchain Technology has been cited as the future of IT world, numerous industries like pharmaceuticals, fashion, food safety, jewelry, hospitals and cross-border payments among others have already experienced what this disruptive technology can do to their business.  
The Blockchain technology is already here and it is transforming the world in a huge way. In fact, this new kid on the block is already disrupting economies of the world. And if the report by World Economic Forum predicts that by the year 2025, about 10% of GDP will be stored on Blockchains or technology related to Blockchain. 
Since it is already making its presence felt in the above-mentioned sectors, it will be so much fun to see how blockchain technology has already started changing the standards in agriculture, government, and environment. According to the industry experts the technology, wherever applied will enhance efficiency, speed, transparency, and immutability. 
In fact, this is the best time to invest yourself in the blockchain technology and yearn for a career in it. Since the technology is relatively new, there are not many reliable institutes from where you can learn the basics of blockchain technology. 
However, there are online programs that offer comprehensive learning material on the technology. Of course, after you complete the program it is always better to get your knowledge validated from a vendor-neutral third party. So as to ensure and assure that whatever you have learnt is up-to-date and in trend with the technology. But how do you go about assuring and ensuring that…

Blockchain Certification and Its Importance 

This is where Blockchain certifications will come to your aid. Blockchain certifications from reputed certification bodies like Blockchain Training Alliance, Central Blockchain Council of America, Edureka, Udacity and Blockchain Council. 

Blockchain certification from any of these reputed bodies ensure your prospective employers/recruiters that –
1. Your knowledge in the field is up-to-dated
2. You are dedicated to your profession 
3. You are self-motivated and a self-learner
4. You don’t give up easily 
While blockchain certification is important for your career growth, it is also important to note that it is imperative to know where to get your certification from, in order to avoid any hassles later on. 

Another thing to note before going for Blockchain certification is –

1. Most of the certification program have certain eligibility criteria
2. Certification comes with an expiry date and you need to renew the certification either by reapplying or showing the relevant amount of experience to go for next level certification program
As mentioned earlier, blockchain is relatively a new technology and there are not many dedicated educational institutions for the same, it is ideal for blockchain enthusiasts to learn online and practice making their own blockchain. 

You can also gain some practical knowledge and experience through –
1. Internships
2. Attending workshops 
3. Networking with like-minded people 
4. Reading about the technology either on the net or in print
Blockchain technology is already changing the way, the world stores information, keeps record among others. So if you wish to be a part of this new technology, now is the time.

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