3 Things You MUST Do Today To Protect Your WhatsApp Chat And Privacy

3 Things You MUST Do Today To Protect Your WhatsApp Chat And Privacy
When it comes to usage of phones, laptops and other devices, privacy is a number one issue, and something which should never be toyed with.
You chat with a lot of family, friends, colleagues and business partners, and no one would ever love to see a third party reading through their chat.
Now, unlike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other web-based chatting services, you cannot hack a WhatsApp account by phishing or any other common method.
This implies that if actually your chat gets to someone else, it went through someone close to you. Nobody can access your WhatsApp even if you're on the same street, except they have access to your mobile phone and that brings us to the first thing to do...

• Always protect your phone

Your phone connects so many things - bank accounts, social media handles, photos and other files, contacts and many more.
You have to protect it if your WhatsApp must be safe. Never give it to people, except you have a great deal of trust and of course, you can bear any possible risks.
Even if not for the sake of WhatsApp, good mobile phones now are pretty expensive, so loosing the one you have would actually not be a funny experience!

• Chat off prying eyes

I was in a bank last week Friday, chatting with some of my clients and next I heard was, 'bros, you be blogger?'
Uncle has been following my chat for a long time and I didn't even notice...Lol! Imagine if I was having some private convo? Well, it actually wasn't anything serious, but at least your chat should be private.
Luckily you can't even 'log into your WhatsApp' with another phone, so that's a headache off. 

• Make sure you lock your phone

Whether with pattern, pin, password, facelock, fingerprint or any other kind of lock, just don't leave your phone accessible to everyone around.
It doesn't cost, and you can get the AppLock from Google PlayStore for locking specific apps, or use the one your phone came with, for locking the whole phone.
You can even set a six digit code for your WhatsApp and you'll use it to sign in should you change a device.
Go to WhatsApp >> Settings >> Account >> Two-step verification.
You'll add a recovery email so that it'll help you in case you forget the password. Periodically, you'll also be asked to enter the password to make sure you do not forget it.

What's more? Your privacy is our concern. No one deserves to be a victim of breaching of data. What do you think? Did we miss out on anything? Kindly drop us a comment and don't forget to share to your friends.
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