5 Reasons Why Degree Holders Are Poor (And How To Escape It)

5 Reasons Why Degree Holders Are Poor
To many the degree certificate is key to a successful future while to a few others, it's just a means to help you garner the experience and expertise needed to fulfil your dreams.
Before I proceed, I want to dish out a painful truth truth to the young graduates out there. First of all, you having a certificate doesn't guarantee that you'd be rich, but your ability to see and seize opportunities does.
In a recent article by Malam Mamuda Dutsinma, He explained P.O.O.R as Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly. On a regular basis we meet and allow life-changing opportunities slip past us without trying to grab them.

As a graduate, if someone offers you a good opportunity that you aren't sure that you can do, accept the opportunity and learn how to do it later.
The difference between school and life is that while school rewards you for your memory, life will reward you for your creativity and ability to solve problems. If you can't use the experiences you garnered while in school to create a better future for yourself, you might be doing yourself a great harm.
I've seen people really making it more than their course mates while still centring on their area of interests. For example, Adewale Oparinde the founder of EZFarming who recently won a $1 million international grant with his agrictech company has a PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of Cambridge.
Looking back to his university days, you'd see a number of his course mates who might not be as big as he is now. He started his company, grew it, applied for a grant and won because of the relevance of his startup.

Is A Bachelor's Degree Worth It?

Going to the higher institution to obtain a bachelor's degree is the norm and many a times you hear the younger ones asking questions about the its importance. Actually, I've seen many successful people tell stories of how they succeeded without having a degree. I've also read the biographies of many people who went to school even up to the PhD level.
So, having a degree shouldn't be your yardstick for getting successful. You can even set up a successful business while in the higher institution. At every point in your life, make sure your next step is towards achieving your goal in life.

Why Degree Holders Are Poor 

Below are the reasons why some degree holders are poor, I hope it'll guide you better on how to achieve your goals. Also, don't forget to share it with your friends and drop your opinions as comments below.

• They don't think beyond their certificates

According to Albert Einstein, 'Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.'. So to succeed as a degree holder, you have to think outside the box.
I have a banker friend who studied Microbiology but got a job in one of the biggest Nigerian banks. While learning web development, I also met some other young Nigerians who studied in different courses including pharmacy.
So in short, your degree shouldn't determine your future. Think outside the box, go for a career path that would solve a life problem and watch your income rise.

• They prioritise their certificates more than their talents and gifts

What are your talents? How are you working towards achieving them? It's important you also map out time to develop your talents while pursuing your degree certificate.
If you go online you'd read up stories of many successful entrepreneurs that started and grew their businesses while in the higher institution.
So while in school,don't bury your talents but rather research and work towards getting the best out of them.

• Certificates that represent obsolete skills

Imagine teaching a 200 level student how to use Microsoft world in the 20th century. It might sound strange to you but it shouldn't, after all I've seen graduates that can't successfully shut down a Windows 10 laptop.
So having a certificate representing obsolete in a changing world is does a little towards securing a successful future for you. Some years ago, obtaining a bachelor's degree meant little more than knowing how to use the Microsoft Excel. But checking through the present time you'd see that people now learn skills like web designing/development in the higher institution.

• They are their for the money not to provide value

Don't get me wrong, I know we all work for money, after all we have bills to settle. But there is a big difference between working for money for working to provide value.
Don't think of what the organisation will do for you first, rather think of what you'd do for the organisation. How important are you to the organisation? If you are sacked today will you be missed? Check these things out and you'd be the happiest employee among your colleagues.

• Some degree holders look for jobs instead of opportunities

An article I once read online revealed this as one of the reasons behind the unemployment in Nigeria. Many graduates are prioritise searching for jobs over seizing opportunities.
I take being POOR as simply Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly! What determines your success is not your certificate but rather the opportunities you grab and the values you can deliver.
As long as you're solving a problem people will always be there for you. All that is required is a proper exposure which you can easily get from the available social networking platforms.

Thanks for reading along, don't forget to drop your opinions and contributions as comments below. Before you leave, also checkout these 24+ amazing small business ideas for MBA graduates, nos 2 and 4 are very hot!
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