24+ Amazing Small Business Ideas For MBA Graduates

Small Business Ideas For MBA Graduates
Looking for the best business ideas for MBA graduates, then we really have an amazing list here.
The MBA is a graduate degree that is earned at a university that provides theoretical and practical training to help graduates gain a better understanding of general business management functions.
The Master of Business Administration typically involves the study of accounting, corporate strategy, marketing, statistical analysis, negotiation, financial markets and instruments, business ethics and management,
Many people are looking for the best business to start after MBA and we have some amazing ideas for you. It is a great thing to say that you've successful earned an MBA certificate but the next big issue is to put the certificate into work.
The greatest issue most MBA graduates encounter is securing a comfortable, high paying job with a fortune 500 company and we'll solve the issue to an extent today.
We have compared a list of the best business ideas you can start as an MBA graduate. These ideas will not only help you to become financially independent, but also do a great job in making you an employer of labour.
Although this business ideas don't guarantee your business success (no business idea does that), your analytic and proactive skills as a holder of an MBA certificate should help you to manage your business after creating it successfully.

Can I Start My Own Business After MBA?

This is a popular question asked by people, both MBA graduates and people still trying to enter the school. The truth is that you can start it, and we have the best business plans for MBA project to help you achieve that.
If you look at the list, you'll see that they were arranged in an alphabetical order, that is to prove to you that the type of business you venture into doesn't determine your success (though it contributes) but your approach towards the business.

List of the Most Profitable Business Ideas for MBA Graduates

- Advertising Consulting

Initiating a firm for consultations relating to advertisements is a perfect way to earn yourself a living from the certificate. Many small and medium enterprises in their growing stages prefer to have a marketing consultant instead of a payroll employee so with that, you can provide a customized service to many organizations.
Are you a small organization looking for how to expand your business, then see these 10+ Amazing Places To Advertise Your Products Online.

- Author

Every individual on Earth has a live experience and you can turn yours into a book. A good book idea to write about is on your experience at the MBA school and the knowledge your gathered there. The number of pages you write doesn't really matter, what you should be bothered about is the content of the book.
You can have an e-book of 20 pages that have great stuff and it'll earn you millions (and even awards and recognition). You can decide to type the book yourself with a Microsoft Word or other programs or the advanced method of writing and publishing a book through a publishing company or self-publishing with companies like Kindle.

- Blogging

Blogging is becoming very popular in the 21st century and you can create yours. Even if you don't want it to be your full source of income, having one can help you generate good amount of money monthly through ad networks like Adsense, Chitika, Mgid, Infolinks, Media.net and more.
You can also monetize it via affiliate marketing, writing and selling of e-books, sales of products and offering of services. You can checkout 5 tips on how to monetize a blog without ads.
Even if you don't want to create a blog for monetization, it will help you to sample your services if you choose to venture into any of the businesses listed in this article.
If you want to create a blog, you can decide to use a free platform like Blogspot which will only require a domain. BlueHost.com is a perfect choice for a domain as it's very reliable and a .com doamin can be gotten for as cheap as $11 year. You can check out all you need to know about blogging in 5 easy steps.

- Business brokerage

Many organizations and companies rely on other companies for their supplies.Your duty as a business broker is to connect these organizations and businesses to buyers and sellers.
Business brokers can also be called intermediaries or business transfer agents and they assist buyers and sellers of private business in the whole process of buying and selling.
These form of business is usually based on commission and works like the affiliate marketing business.
You can read more about affiliate marketing to improve your knowledge or checkout top five ways to generate affiliate sales.

- Business classes

You can earn a living teaching other people all they need to know about starting and running successful businesses. This will go a great way into reducing the number of people going into illegal ways of making money.
The fact is that many individuals are really interested in starting their own businesses but don’t know about product development and how to move an already running business to a greater stage. You can teach them different things like accounting, sourcing, business plan and many more.
To become successful in this business, you need to provide an up-to-date method of doing things. Also, having a curriculum for guiding the students through the learning process will do well.

- Business financing expert

Many new businesses and business ideas fail due of lack of financing and this is one of the 10 factors affecting entrepreneurship development in Nigeria. Guiding new start-ups through the process of financing there businesses which include raising funds by securing loans is one of the duties of a business financing expert.
It is their duty to direct and guide the entrepreneurs in different ways the funding of their businesses can be achieved.

- Business management consultant

There is no organization or business that can successfully run without the services of a business management consultant. This is because the business management consultant give them the advice on how to improve the quality of products and services they offer.

- Business plan and proposal writing

Funding of businesses through investors of loans can't be achieved without a business plan and submission of proposal. No financial body will just give you their money, except if you have developed and sold a company for more than $1 million...lol, you won't be looking for money to start a business if you have such money.
This makes the duty of a writer necessary for the writing and curation of the business plans and proposals.

- Corporate training

The dream of every business firm is to beat its competitors and they would invest the much they can towards achieving this aim. Many organizations equip their staff adequately for better performance and overcoming of some challenges that may hinder them from achieving their business goals.
As an MBA graduate, you can start a cooperate training business that will be offering the basic training to several organizations and businesses.

- Crowdfunding expert

You can earn a living by helping different people to secure business ideas' funding as a crowdfunding expert.
Crowdfunding has made it easier for startups to raise funds to keep their businesses running.

- Debt management and recovery

This is about offering solution to those in debts and can not pay, especially when they are nearing the deadlines. This is a special kind of business as you can choose to work with either the financial body or the debtors.
You can work with the organization by helping them to recover their money from debtors in a way that will be favorable to both parties.

- E-commerce

Majority of people with access to the internet have a good knowledge of what shopping online is all about and it's the reason many people are now investing in the e-Commerce industry. There are presently many online shops in the world so you need to be wise enough if you want to venture into e-Commerce.
For example, instead of competing with the likes of Jumia and Konga, you can create an e-commerce website that deals on specific products like grill mat or art works. Alternatively, you can choose to write about product reviews on your blog and earn commissions from sales generated through your link.

- Email marketing advertising

Email marketing is one of the cheapest ways of advertising a product,with just a click your message will be off to more that a million people depending on the number of subscribers you have. It'll also help you to get your product in front of people that are interested in it.
One fact in email marketing is that every one can do it but it requires an expert for the desired conversions. This is where your duty will be needed and you if you know how to write attractive emails that can drive sales to your client's business.

- Event planning

If you have ever attended a wedding,then you must have seen the work of an event planner. He or she carries out the duty of preparing the event center for any kind of ceremonies like birthdays, wedding parties, child dedications, launching programs and more.
If you are creative enough, then with your analytic skills as an MBA graduate you can be able to plan and arrange event centers for any kind of ceremonies.

- Feasibility study consulting

How capable of working successfully is your business idea? Sometimes you might have to go out to discover what the business will look like and it's where feasibility study comes in.
Many people might not know what to do or how to do it, but a feasibility expert will be more willing to help you carry out the task.

- Freelancing

A freelancer a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. You can offer freelancing services as a graphic designer, article writer, web designer, web and mobile application developer or more, the list is quite long and keeps growing daily.
One of the ways of getting freelance buyers is through job boards, you can checkout 9 amazing websites to help you get buyers as a freelancer. You just have to choose a path to focus on, join one of the websites and in no time you'll start getting buyers. You can checkout our e-book Actualizing Your Dreams As A Freelancer to know how to become successful as a freelancer, it's just $0.99.

- Financial expert

It is good to have a great business idea but setting up a business without having a good knowledge on financing won't do any business good. Financial mismanagement in firms is mostly as a result of not understanding certain financial dealing.
A financial expert will help your organization in things like taxes, analysis, interest rate, investment, cash flow, auditing and expected profit.

- Green consultant

As the whole world is going green you can now queue in as an MBA graduate offering services such as green consultants and showing business owners ways to incorporate the green revolution trend into their businesses.

- Life coach

A life coach is someone that helps empower others by making them meet, achieve and exceed goals in their personal and professional lives.
By being an MBA graduate, you should have acquired enough knowledge to become a life coach and can start making a living by listening to and providing a solutions other people's problems.

- Market research

This is simply gathering information about consumers' needs and preferences. It is any organized effort to gather information about target markets or customers and a very important business strategy every organization need.
Starting a business of market research as an MBA graduate can help a company know all that is need for their improvement based on your recommendations and also stay ahead of their competitors.

- Public relation expert

Public relations is the practice of managing communication between an organization and its publics. It is the duty of the public relation expert to communicate to each person that is doing one thing or the other in an organization on how to behave for the growth business.
He or she will be in charge of writing reminders, press releases and branding for the purpose of promoting the image of the organization to the outside world.
The experts write, branding in an effort to promote the company’s good image in the eyes of the world.

- Recruitment firm

After successfully creating a business, if you don't hire the best employees you're business will still stand a chance of crashing someday. The whole task of recruiting new employees is cumbersome and should be managed by a professional.
An MBA graduate can perform all the tasks involved ranging from the advertisement of the job opportunity to the writing of examination/interview, not forgetting the training and orientation of the new staff.
With a recruitment firm, the who let ask will be very easy for the organization. A great benefit of adapting this method is that favoritism will be reduced as no member of the organization will be in a position the manipulate the position. This is also good to the recruiting organization as they'll only hire the qualified persons for the available positions.

- SEO expert

An SEO expert or specialist is needed in order to help spot the latest trends, understand what they are all about, and then develop strategies that work within them. Every organization that has an online presence will need the services of an SEO expert in order to beat it's competitors.
Search engine optimization is necessary because it'll help your website rank higher in search engine results when people search for related keywords and queries. You can checkout these SEO tips that will help you to improve your blog's ranking in a little time.
Before writing any post, apply skills that will make it rank well in the search results because Google alone can give you thousands of monthly traffic if your articles appear well in search results.

- Tutoring

Due to the quest for gain more knowledge by the world, the education industry still remains a great way of earning yourself a living by offering teaching services. One good fact about the education sector is that it still profits even in the time of recession and like they say, knowledge never ends.


You might not be able to get the regular job every MBA graduate dreams of but with the above ideas (and more),you must definitely be able to set yourself to the desired career path.
The jobs listed above all have little risks, require less capital and in turn, very easy to start. Remember just reading this article can't start a business or determine a business success, but taking a step today can and will definitely help you a great deal.
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