How To Recover Deleted OST File In Outlook 2016

How To Recover Deleted OST File In Outlook 2016
OST files are an offline replica of the Exchange server mailboxes of the user. The OST file lies on the user's system.
So it's vulnerable to many problems. They often show bad behaviour such as inaccessibility, synchronization or corruption problems due to many reasons like accidental deletion of an Exchange Server user account, virus intrusion, slow down or crash, power failure, etc.

Users need help when they found that there is no file found in Outlook 2016. Then they start searching where they save the file last time but failed to discover it. After finding that file they thought that they lost their file accidentally or erased that file. So for this, they starting finding the solution for this kind of issue. 
This is a prevalent case when customers are running Outlook with Exchange Server and deleting some of the information documents. 
As we understand, Outlook stores all products, such as contacts, emails in the mailbox on the server. The hard drive file is the Offline Data File (OST) and stores a copy of the account mailbox.

So don't worry about that problem here is an appropriate solution for this kind of issue. This article will help you to find the best solution.
Below mentioned steps help you to find the best solution applied for Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010, and the steps are as follows:
● Firstly, Go to Windows Control Panel and open the Mail applet.
● Select the email account from the list of configured accounts and click on the Change tab.
● In Change Account Window, go to More Settings option.
● Select the Advanced tab and uncheck the ‘Use Cached Exchange Mode’ option. After that click on the Apply button under the Microsoft Exchange window. Click on the Outlook Data File Settings button to continue the process.
● The Outlook Data File Settings window will be displayed on the screen as shortly as you press the button. Now, select the Disable Offline Use button and click OK
● The 'Outlook will not be able to work with your OST file' message pops up, then press Yes to proceed. You will be redirected to the More Settings window.
● Choose the option Outlook Data File Settings again. Activate the Browse tab to do this.
● Choose the option Outlook Data File Settings again. Activate the Browse tab to do this. Open the ancient offline data file and press OK from the same window. 
● Check the checkbox corresponding to Use Cached Exchange Mode in the Change Account Window. Then press Next > > Finish.
● Open Outlook program, here you will see a message that 'Outlook is using an old copy of your OST file.' 
● Click OK on the message window and wait until you start Outlook correctly. This will retrieve lost messages from the ost file.
Note: Don't attempt running Microsoft Outlook again because it will open a fresh OST file.
Once the Outlook is fully opened, you can view your mail, contacts and other information in your account.
Upon completion of the steps, customers can either create a PST file or import all the key information from an old OST file. Also, users can archive all mail items in the offline folder to a fresh PST file.

Limitations of Manual Method

1. The above technique is reliable when recovering permanently deleted messages from the OST file in Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016. 
2. But, in the case of a large OST file, it fails and sometimes leads to continuous data loss. Therefore, most experts do not use this manual technique to restore lost emails from the Outlook OST file.

Here is another solution for you by directly using the best software technically

Professional Solution to Recover Deleted Email from OST File

It is recommended to use third-party software after knowing the limitation related to the manual technique. Users can, therefore, go with OST File Recovery Tool.

OST File Recovery Tool

It is a better choice and an ideal alternative to the technique described above. It is integrated with a lot of solid characteristics and enables users to restore permanently lost emails from the OST file with this instrument. There are some features given below that show you the best idea to recover deleted email from OST file:
With the use of this software, you can easily retrieve deleted information as well.

● Repairs Offline OST files by solving the alignment mistakes in the file. Corruption is resolved once alignment issues have been fixed.
● It allows you to save the file in a variety of other file formats, such as DBX, MBOX, EML, PST, and MSG. Choose one and save.
● The software has been designed to retrieve data from both encrypted and password protected OST files.


We're sure this article will assist you with the OST file issues in the windows outlook. Follow the above steps, after covering all the measures, you will be pleased and lastly, you will get the best outcome you want. Finally, in outlook 2016, you'll get a corrupted file retrieved.

Thanks a lot for reading along. What do you think? Kindly drop us a comment and share to your friends.
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