How To Restore BKF Files In Windows 10

How To Restore BKF Files in Windows 10
First, you should understand what the BKF file is and then know how to restore it in Windows 10.
 A BKF file is a Windows NT and XP Pro backup file (located in System Tools Accessory Programs) using the Windows Backup Utility. It includes a catalog of one or more documents selected by the user.

Why do we need the restored BKF file? 

● Continuous data backup is said to be a nice practice for a user of a laptop. In this article, I'm going to demonstrate to you how to retrieve BKF files. The best way is to take a backup of your records periodically, before executing BKF File Recovery, you should understand what the BKF file is all about.
● Most .bkf files are linked to the Windows Backup utility. Most of these files are embedded with operating systems Windows XP and NT. Generally speaking, the BKF extension file involves a catalog of documents backed up by this utility. It involves the operating system for Windows.
● The BKF file repair tool in Windows 10 allows you to rapidly backup your information.

When you are about to restore the BKF file, what things you should keep in mind?

1. Using the BKF file repair tool to restore data, you need to keep the retrieved data in a distinct location rather than the original location.
2. The BKF file repair tool's executable file is sufficient to take backup on Windows 10. However, it is necessary to put the other two.dll files in the same location. Otherwise, you can not access the executable file ntbackup.exe.
3. If the original location is used to restore backup files, the data will be overwritten. The other two.dll files work as assistance for the backup utility's executable file. The three files have to be stored in the other initial place at the same place.

To Restore BKF File: 

The Manual Method 

● Click Control Panel---> Administrative Tools----> Server Manager---> Summary Features 
● Click on Add Features 
● Now do check the Remove Storage Manager
● And then click on  Next--- > Install

To install, you must go through the following steps: 

Step 1: You can now see all three files together once you have installed the.cab file.
Step 2: You will receive a pop-up message, displaying services vital for other secondary storage devices. Press OK now to maintain the BKF file on the screen.
Step 3: Now you can see the medium running the complex functionality mode to change the settings used to restore backup file data. Click the button Next.
Step 4: Now you'll get a ' complex mode backup utility. ' 
Step 5: The retrieved file data must now be stored.
Step 6: As mentioned above, to avoid overwriting the information, you need to store the information in the alternative place instead of the initial place of the file.
Step 7: Now select the file you need to restore by pressing Tools->Catalog Backup File->Save the file now.
Step 8: Press Restore and Manage Media. To do this, press on the files that you want to restore.
Step 9: Do click on OK to get a message notification that pops up in the window.
Step 10: You will see the "Finished Files" window.
Step 11: Need to press Tools- > Switch to Wizard mode.

The technical method to restore BKF files: 

When you encounter the problem of corrupting a BKF file, you use the Windows tool to correct your data. You're going to go through some issues in that case that won't give you a satisfactory outcome. Until you have the technical understanding, the above steps will not solve your problem correctly.
You can see the solution below to discover the answer to this type of problem.
I will also help you here with an alternative solution that will rapidly solve the problem. You can restore the BKF file and open it in Windows 10 with the assistance of the BKF File Repair tool. You will also receive a preview of your restored data from the software.


We are sure that this paper will help you in the windows outlook with the BKF file problems. Follow the above steps, you will be happy after covering all the measures and finally, you will get the best result you want. Finally, the BSK file repair tool will solve your problem and you will find the BSF file restored in windows 10.

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