5 Shocking Ways Stress Affects Your Workplace And How To Tackle Them

5 Shocking Ways Stress Affects Your Workplace And How To Tackle Them
Many things can make you feel stress at the workplace, such as a chatty co-worker, an angry customer, an overwhelmed workload, a demanding manager, and so on.
Unfortunately, your productivity is seriously dependent on these elements. So, what are the actual impacts of stress on your work performance and how to reduce stress at workplace. Let’s have a look at our article following. 
How does stress affect your workplace productivity?

1. It makes you lack of concentration

When you are stressful, you will find it hard to remember things, both new and already-know ones. Not only intellectual but also physical works require concentration to be finished effectively. When you are pressured, you can easily make costly or even fatal mistakes in your job. If you are stressed or too worried about something (a presentation in a meeting you are in charge of, for example), you are sure not to do it as well as possible. You may forget what you have to say and when someone ask you a question, you may not answer it even you know the answer. 

2. It causes strained relationships

According to Bob Losvyk, stress is the major factor off job burn-out and strained relationships. Stressful people often avoid talking and interacting with others; they feel themselves in a secluded world and often overreact to trouble problems. They seem to not be above to control their language (and/or body language) in these cases. Gradually, it will negatively impact the surrounding interactions and relationships and work productivity, especially in tasks that require a lot of teamwork activities. 

3. It makes you absent from work regularly

Stress or overworking will cause severe health problems, both physical and mental. Stressful workers are often not ready or even afraid of going to work the next day. When they are too pressured, it leads to other long-term mental and physical health issues such as sudden weight gain/loss, headache, hypersensitivity, difficulty sleeping, increasing heart rates, high blood pressure, etc. These symptoms keep them away from great attendance and create them more time off work. Some people even think of finding a new job if they are too pressured. It, of course, reduces their workplace productivity. 

4. It leads to poor time management

A little stress can encourage an employee to work harder and complete their task ahead of time but overwhelming workload will cause negative effects on his ability and spirit, especially when he lacks of support and has to meet a lot of requirements at once. If a person has to take work home every day, he will be covered by the thought that he is bad at time management and cannot finish work efficiently. It may gradually lower their commitment and loyalty to the company. 
Also, if an employee has to work too late at night, he will find it hard to keep track of time the next day due to sleeplessness, tiredness, and so on. 

How To Reduce Stress And Increase Productivity

Overall, stress will damage the quality of work. While some may choose to suffer from it silently, others try their best to find ways to overcome the situation. So, what can we do to reduce stress at workplace? 
Here are some solutions:
• The manager or leader of a team need to identify whether their employees are stressful or not to have immediate solutions. 
• Have regular exercises, breaks, and a good diet to ensure a good health. 
• Breathe deeply.
• Create a routine for a working day.
• Sleep well.
• Set a personal goal for your career. It will help you find motivation and less pressured at work. 
Practice problem-solving skill: This is a coping strategy in which people have specific steps to approach a stressful issue. These steps may include analyzing the problem, clarifying potential solutions, creating an action plan, and implementing. 
Reconsider the negativity: Long-term stress can lead people to the situation of automatically defining an issue negative and jumping to negative solutions. Therefore, it is necessary to look at a problem in different ways and reduce negative feelings to stressors. 
Above is the answer to the question “how does stress affect your workplace productivity” and some solutions to reduce stress at work. Have you ever suffered from these effects? How did it affect your body and mind and what did you do to overcome the issue? Please share with us by commenting on the box below. 
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