UAE | A Student Hot Spot for International Studies

UAE | A Student Hot Spot for International Studies
The UAE has become a very popular student destination in the Middle East for 2019.
With a central location, ample cities to study in, a diverse culture, and of course not to mention most importantly being home to some of the best universities in the UAE, it surely is a hit location and will be growing so in the years to come.
Here’s a list of reasons why UAE is a great option to select for your academic journey:

1. International Campuses from world over

If you are a student looking to pursue your higher studies, be it under graduate or post graduate, then you should definitely consider doing your research on studying in the UAE. The Middle East offers many different international university campuses in the region, providing students with a world class education without having to move too far away from home. 

2. Quality local universities to choose from

Along with having many international universities having campuses in the UAE, the UAE hosts many top universities of its own to select. Ranging from UAE University, Khalifah University, University of Sharjah, Zayed University and more. Local universities in the UAE are growing in terms of rankings in the UAE, faculty, campuses, and education quality. 

3. Cost of Education

The UAE boasts affordable fees and rates of education as compared with counterparts of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and so on. This is naturally a huge factor for both students and parents to consider as finances are a key deciding factor in the academic decision making process. With an affordable cost and fee structure, you can study in UAE without breaking the bank (too much). 

4. Global Opportunities

The UAE has become a central hub for business with all major businesses having their global operations and branches in the Middle East. This creates huge opportunities for students in terms of finding future employment opportunities or even summer internships, work placements and work experience to add to their professional resume. 

5. Diverse cultural experience

Studying in the UAE will allow you to meet students from all over the world. Making friends with such a multicultural group of people enables you to learn about new cultures, values and traditions. Positive interactions like these groom an individual especially in terms of their soft skills and knowledge of the world and the many different cultures that exist out there. 

6. Fun activities to enjoy

The UAE is also known by many for some of the best food, shopping and activities experiences. With so many different cuisines to choose from, the UAE is a global hub of all cultures. It is a home away from home, you will not have time to miss your local food because it will easily be available here. Along with food and shopping malls, the UAE has so many different activities to enjoy like water sports, sky diving, desert safaris etc.- some of which are truly unique to the Middle East region only.

7. Connecting you to the world

Having such a central location, the United Arab Emirates can easily connect you to the rest of the world- in every sense of the world. Dubai for example hosts one of the world’s biggest air ports, providing connecting flights to all corners of the globe. No matter where you are from, it is easy to catch a flight to. And also, it opens up so many travelling opportunities to easily see the world.
With such positive attributes prevalent in the UAE, it surely is becoming a new hot spot in the year 2019 and many years to come ahead for students from world over. 

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