All You Need To Know About Designing Custom Wine Boxes

All You Need To Know About Designing Custom Wine Boxes
An alcoholic drink that is made by the fermentation of grapes is how wine is created. The yeast in the grapes consumes sugar and it converts the recipe into ethanol, heat, and carbon dioxide.
There are different styles of wines, which are created by various varieties of grapes and other strains of yeast.

Some of the most popular wines for the consumption, which are both cheap and of a good quality are as follows:
• Pinot Grigio
• Chardonnay
• Pinot Noir
• Rosé
• Cabernet Sauvignon
According to many several resources, wine is good for health. Excess of anything is known to be bad and it is the case with the alcoholic drink of wine. Drinking this drink in moderation is actually good for health. The red wine to be more specific is good for the health benefits of heart as it lowers the risk of a heart attack.
There are four types of this drink, which exist, and it consists of:
• White Wines
• Red Wines
• Sparkling Wines
• Rose
The archaeological evidence of the earliest times for the wine and the wine fermentation have been found in chine that goes back to 6000 BC. Moreover, the evidence of steady production of the drink has also been found in the Armenia that goes back to 4100 BC.
The main reason for the creation of wine was by the ancient people who found that the grapes had either been fermented or spoiled, which led into the creation of fermented juice of grape. Many researchers believe that this was the initiation of the creation of wine.
The packaging of the wine is an important aspect, which initiates the sales and consumer buying decision for the article. The main reason to use the custom wine boxes is to initiate sales and for the safety of the bottles of wine.
There are several things that needs perfection while making perfect cases for these drinks and this section is the “all you need to know” about the designing of customized cases for this brew.

1. Traditional Wine Casing

All You Need To Know About Designing Custom Wine Boxes
One of the best ways to design a custom box for wine is via traditional ways of Wine Packaging. It is important for the vendors and manufacturers to know that traditional boxes of wine are much more durable than the new cardboard and Kraft boxes. These cases are generally designed to be made out of wood and it is one of the strongest materials to make a box. One of the most crucial stages of the packaging of wine is the casing that needs to be done in order to maintain the safety of these drinks.

Several things need overlooking while thinking about the boxing of these breweries. The first thing that concerns is the material that is to be used in the casing. The type of material is important because of three basic reasons. First of them is to ensure the safety, the second is the cost factor and the third one is the cost of shipping. The weight of the material matters a lot while thinking about the cost of shipping.
The only drawback of using traditional cases is the factor of shipping it from one place to another due to the weight of wood. The best way to reduce the costs of shipping is to use Kraft or Cardboard cases, design them in traditional ways, and use them instead of wood as the manufacturing material.

2. Abstract Forms

Another factor that needs knowing is the printing of abstract designs on these containers. Abstract generally refers to the written text on the boxes. Therefore, it is important to for the wine manufacturers to deliver right information to their customers.

• Spacing and Indents

It is important for the packaging designers to know that the spacing and indents on packaging plays a vital role to enhance the outlook. Appropriate spacing provides the consumers to have a better readability on the packaging of product. It is due to the same lining and spacing between the words, paragraphs, and all other information on the custom printed wine boxes.

• Minimalism

The minimalist packaging approach is not just important to reduce the material of the box; it can also be used to reduce the inked printing on the container. Minimalism factor of reducing the ink includes the use of eco-friendly printing technique. Using inks that are degradable after the actual use of product makes the packaging more sustainable.

3. Special Edition

All You Need To Know About Designing Custom Wine Boxes
Another fact of point while thinking about the designing of these customized cases is the introduction of special edition for the customers. The important part here is that these cases are not like simple packaging, it is offered to promote a new product, to retain customers, and to increase the target market.
Using enhanced graphical images on these cases, embossed logo, and brand name increases the importance of the designed case.

4. Designing Styles

All You Need To Know About Designing Custom Wine Boxes
There are many designs for the wine packaging wholesale and some of them are as follows:
• Sleeve packaging
• Dual containers
• Wine baskets
• Folding encasement
• Vintage boxes
In conclusion, it is important for the vendors and the consumers to know about the designs and designing of packages for wine. Putting efforts to make standout designs and reuniting the old ways of packaging with improvisation can result in more customer attraction towards the product, through wine packaging.

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