5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Groundnut

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Groundnut
Peanuts (Arachis hypogaea) legume crop grown mainly for its edible seeds and so many amazing health benefits.
It can be classified as a grain legume and an oil crop due to its high oil content. Groundnuts are similar both in taste and nutritional profile to tree nuts like almonds and walnuts.
In the normal botanical terms, peanuts might not be classified as a typical nut. Botany defines nuts as a fruit whose ovary wall becomes hard at maturity. Going with this definition, you'll see that groundnut is not a typical nut. But for common English language usage and culinary purposes, peanuts are usually referred as nuts.

Uses of Groundnuts

One good thing you should know about the groundnut is that just like the palm tree, all parts of the groundnut plants can be commercially used.
• Groundnut shells: Groundnut shells account for approximately 20% of the dried peanut pod by weight. They are rich in functional compounds and can be used in the food, feed, bioenergy, paper industries.
Groundnut Cakes: Groundnut Cakes (kuli-kuli) is a popular Nigerian snack that frying mashed groundnuts in groundnut oil. It is a very delicious snack that can be eaten alone or with some cassava flakes soaked in water.
Peanuts burgers: Peanut burgers is another popular snack that is made from groundnuts covered with flour. Peanut burgers is rich in protein and healthy fats. If well stored, it can be preserved for more up to 6 months.
• The plant stalks are also useful in agriculture as they can be used for feeding cattle in the form of green,  silage and dried.

Health Benefits of Peanuts

Some health benefits of peanuts (groundnuts) include:

• It helps in the prevention of Gallstones

Gallstones are stones or lumps that develop in the gallbladder or bile duct when certain substances harden. They are formed in the gallbladder and can be common in overweight individuals or people over age 40.
According to nuts.com, the particular nutrient in peanuts that helps protect the gall bladder is unclear, but eating at least one serving of peanuts per day is associated with reduced risk of gallstone formation.

• Groundnut promote heart health

According to stylecraze.com, people that regularly eat peanuts have a lower possibility of dying from heart attack.
This is possible because groundnut help in reducing the inflammation that may cause heart disease. The resveratrol in groundnuts also aids in combatting heart disease.

• Peanuts may aid weight loss

Groundnuts are energy-dense foods and including them in your snacks can aid in reducing the quantity of calories you consume within the day.
Peanuts elicit stronger feelings of fullness when consumed as a snack than when eaten with a meal. This can be of help in case you want to lose weight. 

• Peanuts may treat erectile dysfunction

Groundnuts are rich in a number of nutrients including arginine, an essential amino acid. Research has shown arginine to be a possible treatment for erectile dysfunction.
The research is still going on and scientists are yet to prove whether L-arginine alone can treat erectile dysfunction. But combining amino acid with pycnogenol has been confirmed by studies to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction. (as seen in stylecraze.com)

• Peanuts may also boost hair growth

Inasmuch as there is a less research in this, it's still worth including here. Since peanuts contain protein and amino acids, they might be a good supplementation to a diet for hair growth/
If you're looking for more ways of taking care of your hair as a lady, I suggest you check out this article now.

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