How To Create Cartoons With Your Android Phones And Make Money Online

How To Create Cartoons With Your Android Phones And Make Money Online
Making money online has always been easy, and it just became a lot easier with the ability to create animations on your Android phone(s).
Prior to now, you needed a pretty expensive computer, with good RAM and some programming skills to create cartoon videos and animations, even if they were 2D.
Of course you'd have to manually draw every character and stage, and it will take you a couple of weeks to come up with a 30 minutes video.

The voice over would also be something else, and by the time you're done, the video would have cost you a lot of money.

Is There Any Alternative?

I dived into the world of cartoon video creations, and out again because it was too expensive. The simplest software I could get was sold for $780 and I needed another PC also.
It was in the midst of all these that I happened to hear of a WhatsApp class, where you would learn how to create animations and cartoon videos on your Android phone and I was like wow, 'is this really possible?'
Well, to cut the long story short, I paid the ₦3,000 for the class and it lasted for around 2 hours.
How To Create Cartoons With Your Android Phones And Make Money Online
After then I began my own and now I can create very awesome videos on my Android phone, 100% free and without any programming knowledge.

It didn't end with just learning it, and I started making money with the skills too. It didn't take me much to post about my new skill on my WhatsApp story and I was able to get myself two clients who paid me ₦5,000 and ₦3,000 to create animation ads for them.

Can You Make Money Too From Creating Animations?

Well, Yeah! Aside creating advertisements for people, I was able to figure out two other killer ways of making money for yourself from the skills.
I mean, you can be making cool ₦50,000 from the business if you play your cards well. I'm not talking fables, I mean methods I've experimented on and confirmed to be working.

However, I don't want to teach everyone so the niche don't get over-saturated. I want to teach only a few people who'd be interested in learning from now till weekend!
After that, the cost of the package will move from ₦1,000 to the normal ₦7,000. I mean, you could be saving yourself a cool ₦6,000 if you purchase the animation package now!

What Does This EBook Cover?

The eBook covers everything you need to know about creating animations on your Android devices. You do not need to be an artist, or a programmer, as everything works on artificial intelligence and without the use of the internet.
The application isn't free, but in the ebook we taught how to use it free for life and best of all, the secret to how I make more than ₦50,000 monthly from my knowledge of animations.

How Can You Purchase A Copy?

You can download the eBook immediately if you pay via Paystack. It'll be available to read on your device and you can carry it anywhere you go.
Subsequently, you can pay via bank transfer into any of our account details. If you pay via bank transfer, kindly message us on WhatsApp via +2349072979302 or +2348157449397 to be added to the group.
For non-Nigerians, the cost of the eBook would be $7.99. Payment will be via PayPal or any other ways you choose.
Also message us on WhatsApp via above numbers.

What's more? Thanks a lot for reading along. Don't forget to drop us a comment and share to your friends.
It's time to bring out the creative part of you!
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