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Keep Your Kitchen Plumbing Problem-Free With These Tips
Your kitchen is one of the most frequently used areas of your home.
This is the place where you spend your time preparing meals and washing dishes. There is more to your kitchen than meets the eye. 
While it may look like a place dedicated to meal preparation, there is an essential aspect of your kitchen that you often overlooked until it shows signs of inefficiency. It is only when you realize that you have to call plumbing company Frisco to fix the problem. 

Your kitchen plumbing plays a major role in keeping meal preparation smooth. However, when you are faced with a plumbing disaster, meal preparation delays are expected. What should you do about it? 
You can avoid a kitchen catastrophe by following these maintenance tips:

1. Do not pour grease through the disposal

Most people have gotten into the habit of pouring grease directly into the drain. While it might seem like a harmless practice, it can cause a serious problem when done continuously. 
Grease solidifies and clogs your drain. The smell will not also be pleasant. Harden grease before throwing it into the trash instead of pouring it into the drain. 

2. Keep disposal in check

Daily meal preparation can wreak havoc on your garbage disposal, especially if your plumbing is not regularly maintained. The holiday season can make matters worse because of the abundance of food. 
It might be easier to throw a banana peel or celery into the garbage disposal but this practice can cause serious and costly damage to your garbage disposal. Put them into the trash bin so you can save your disposal from serious and costly damage.

3. Allow water to run

Loosen food particles by letting the water run. While some may advise you to use hot water as they work well in loosening particles left on dishes, cold water is much better to use if you have a garbage disposal. The cold water will harden food particles making it easier for your disposal to grind them.

4. Discuss water usage

It might not be a cause for concern, but once you are dealing with a plumbing problem, you will come to realize the importance of coordinating water usage. Make it a habit to plan water usage to avoid getting low pressure when washing dishes. Before you go to bed, press the start button on your dishwasher so you can prevent any problems with water usage.

5. Install a tankless water heater

A tankless water heater is a big investment for a good reason. This type of water heater allows you to have access to a continuous water supply. While it may be more expensive to install than a traditional water heater, you can reap many long-term benefits from it. Even if two people have used the shower, you can still manage to use hot water for washing dishes. 

Simple steps can also go a long way in keeping your kitchen plumbing in good condition. Use screens for your drains so grease and other food particles will not go down directly into the drain. 
Since your kitchen sink is one of the most heavily used and abused items in your home, it is important to keep it functional at all times. Food items can contribute to clogging problems. These blockages can be in the form of coffee grounds, meat or pieces of fat. 

While you cannot always keep your kitchen plumbing in check, it is also necessary to teach kids about drains. You should also instruct kids about the items that should and should not go down into the drain. Starting a compost pile can help you to reduce the usage of the garbage disposal and drain. Use food items as compost for your landscaping project. They can benefit the environment while also helping you prevent clogs and blockages. 

If clogging in your kitchen becomes a constant problem, you should not attempt to resolve it yourself. You might only worsen the plumbing situation which leads to expensive repairs. Hire a trusted plumber to do the job. GPS Plumbing has skilled plumbing professionals perform repairs. 
A plumber can identify the problem and provide the correct solution so you continue to use your drains and garbage disposal.

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