Opinions | Only A Few Universities Provide Masters In International Relations And Diplomacy

Only A Few Universities Provide Masters In International Relations And Diplomacy
Want to make the world a better place? One of the key ways of doing that is getting a masters in international relations and diplomacy degree.
However, the sad part is that international relations and diplomatic studies are provided by only a few universities across Uganda.
The good thing about International relations and diplomacy course is that you will get an opportunity for maintaining positive diplomatic relations between countries. You will also help in preventing international conflicts and help the governments and other connected world run smoothly.

There are broad career options available for you as international relations and diplomacy specialist in addition to that in politics; other options are in fields of economics, social systems and communities cultural life.

Careers Which Would Inspire You To Study Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy

You will get great insights about foreign affairs, public policies, international development, economic trends, social issues, law and many more if you get yourself enrolled to study masters in international relations and diplomacy.
But first know what are your international relations and diplomacy career options and the popular jobs related to international relations and diplomatic studies:

1. Diplomat – The Good Relations Maker Between Countries

The main part of your job as a diplomat would be to control the nation’s interests in foreign countries in aspects such as politics, trade and consular services. 
On average a person will spend three years in foreign countries after joining as a diplomat and the key responsibilities will be as follows:
● You will act as a link between the country you represent and your stationed country.
● Any information which would affect your nation’s interests would be collected and reported.
● The work of discussing, negotiating and mediating the various issues related to peace and war, trade, commerce, economics, social and cultural aspects with the local government.

2. Intelligence Specialist – Getting Nation’s Critical Information

Getting a job as an intelligence specialist you would work in the military, the navy, national security departments, or various other intelligence departments of your country. 
Your job responsibilities as an Intelligence specialist would be:
● Collecting and analyzing operational intelligence data.
● Building mission reports by using data, maps and charts.
● Preparing and evaluating reports, results, statistics and graphics.
● Maintaining the intelligence databases, files and libraries.

3. Political Analyst – Clearing the Political Climate

Generally, as a political analyst you would be hired by the government but there are also plenty of work options within media companies and various research institutes. 
The job responsibilities would include the following things needed to be taken care:
● Intercepting and informing about the various political developments
● Analysing government decisions, laws and public policies
● Advising political parties, media and government officials
● Forecasting election results and political trends
● Putting events into the historical context

4. Lobbyist – Presenting ideas to people who could turn it into reality

Lobbyists are used for convincing government members so that they would make a decision which would benefit the organisation or company represented by the Lobbyists. They are usually hired by an association, corporation, or non-profit organisation.
Your job responsibilities as a lobbyist would include the following things:
● Monitoring, researching and analysing legislation
● Attending  various congressional hearings
● Reaching out to various government policymakers
● Promoting ideas to the public by using various communication tools

5. Communication  Specialist in Non-Profit Organisation

International relations and diplomacy degree would also provide you with an option to work in a non-profit organisation which operates on an international level. Communication specialist job role will provide you with the chance to work and develop your career in a local office which has a wonderful global outreach. 
Such global service is provided by non-profit agencies such as World Vision and Red Cross but there are lists of other options as well. 
Your main job responsibilities as a communication specialist would include the following things:
● Creation of effective communication strategies
● Handling various internal communications
● Writing and posting content for media and social networks
International relations and diplomacy studies graduates have plenty of others as well in the filed. You could get a number of other options by searching and scrolling through the world wide web.

Average Salary After Completion of Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy

The best thing about doing any job is being passionate about it and getting done something beneficial to society and through the jobs of International relations and diplomacy studies you could do both things together.
But that’s not the only thing which you will have to do, you will also have to pay bills, buy food, and save a little for yourself and that’s when you will require money. 
Let us have a look at the average salaries in USD for different International relations and diplomacy paths:
● Diplomat – 87,000 USD/year
● Intelligence Specialist – 75,500 USD/year
● Political Analyst – 94,000 USD/year
● Lobbyist – 87,500 USD/year
● Communication Specialist – 55,000 USD/year
Getting a Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy degree would lead you in the above-mentioned career paths but for that you will need to study and develop the right skills which are needed. Learning at least two foreign languages, leveling up your communication skills, negotiation abilities and problem-solving skills are the other things need to be taken care.

Only a few universities and colleges across Africa and especially at Uganda provide a degree for International Relations and Diplomacy studies and Cavendish University Uganda is one of the few. 
The best thing about joining the University for the master's degree about the same is along with being the most reputed university across the sub-Saharan region it also helps in providing students with jobs and scholarships.

More details related to the course of International Relations and Diplomacy syllabus, fees, exams, entrance, placement, duration etc. you could get it through the official website of Cavendish University.
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