3 Ways To Call Someone That Has Blocked Your Number On iPhone Or Android

3 Ways To Call Someone That Has Blocked Your Number On iPhone Or Android
This article will be revealing three tips on how you can call someone after he/she has blocked your number.
Sometime ago, I sold some Amazon gift cards to a guy I met on Facebook. The person, on receiving the gift card blocked my number while coming to Facebook to claim that his network had gotten issues. I didn't argue with him, I just took tried his number with his second line and it went through. Although I didn't later get the money (or gift card), the incidence taught me several ways of calling someone after you discover that he/she has blocked your number.

Why do people block numbers?

Like in the incidence above, the guy blocked me because he wanted to take my gift card without paying. Many a times people block other people's lines or social media pages after business transactions to avoid paying for the goods.
In other times, you can block a number that spams your line with annoying calls. You can also decide to block that your ex that still bugs you with annoying call...lol!

How To Call Someone Who Blocked Your Number

What if you find out that someone probably owing you has blocked you. Before proceeding, be conscious of the fact that calling someone that doesn't want to receive your calls can be interpreted as harassment and it's a serious offence.
Even if you're sure the person won't be taking any serious legal action, it's always best to respect people's personal privacy by not calling anyone that doesn't want to hear from you.
The methods discussed in this article should only for calling people in emergency situations or in special cases like when he/she scams.

• Use another number

Calling from another number is usually the easiest way of contacting someone that has already blocked you. Almost every Android device now supports two SIM cards, so you can easily use your second line.
This was the method I used in contacting the person above. It always works if the second person doesn't have the number already. Calling with a second option will help you to negotiate and clear the misunderstanding between you and the other person.

• By disguising your caller ID

This will keep the person from knowing who's calling by hiding your number. In most cases, your number will be shown as 'Hidden'.

  - To disguise your caller ID on Android

To hide your number on Android devices simply:
⇒ Go to Settings 
Call Settings
Additional Settings 
Caller ID 
Then, finally select Hide Number
This will make your calls anonymous thereby helping you to bypass the blocked list.

  - To disguise your caller ID on IOS (iPhone)

⇒ Go to your Settings App
⇒ Go to the 'Phone' section of the settings
⇒ select 'Show My Caller ID'
⇒ Finally, slide it to the 'Off' position

• Download an app that gives you a random phone number

You can easily download one of the apps that can assign you a randomly generated number from your app store. Most of the apps support texting and calling of people, including those not using the app.
This is one of the best methods of calling someone that blocks your line. I love this method because most of the apps will also assign you a randomly generated area code thereby hiding your location from the person.

These are not the only methods, you can also add yours as comments below so I can benefit too. Don't forget to drop us a comment and share with your friends.
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