How To Record WhatsApp Video Call On Android And iPhone

How To Record WhatsApp Video Call On Android And iPhone
Taking a look at your Android or iPhone devices you'd notice that WhatsApp doesn't support recording of video or audio calls.
This is good but sometimes, the need for one to record a WhatsApp video call either as an evidence or for research purposes can arise. You can also want to record a chat with your loved one to help you remember the person in his or her absence.
In this article, we'd be sharing various methods of recording WhatsApp video calls with the use of simple apps.

Before we continue, please be aware that in some countries, case law permits a telephone conversation to be recorded for possible use as evidence. This must however be in accordance with your dispute and shouldn't infringe on the other person's fundamental rights and freedoms.
As in the case of a traditional call, you should endeavour to inform the other party that you're recording of the conversation.

How To Record WhatsApp Video Call On Android

We'd first be sharing the tip on how to record a WhatsApp video call with your Android devices. Some devices support screen recording with sound option. If your device offers the ability you can start start using it. If not (or you still need an alternative), continue scrolling down as we have an amazing tip on that. 

• The first step is to download the MNML Screen Recorder (Early Access) from the Google Play Store. It is a free and works on all Android devices.
• Open the application and click on the three dots at the top right and select Settings.
• After that, click on the recording part named Recording and activate Record Audio.
• Go back to the application and click on Record at the bottom right. A three-second counter starts before you start recording your screen (and sound), and a warning message appears indicating that the application will record everything that will be displayed on the screen.
• Confirm and the recording will start.
• Click WhatsApp to call your choice contacts
• Once the conversation is over, click on the stop button (square shape) accessible from the quick notification bar or open the MNML application and click on Stop in the bottom right.
• Go back to the MNML application. Your WhatsApp video conversation will displayed. You can view it on your smartphone and share it with your friends!

How To Record WhatsApp Video Call On iPhone

I believe the above tips were easy, don't hesitate in dropping us a comment if you encounter any difficulties. How about the iPhone users? You can also save your WhatsApp video calls easily using the screen-recording feature in iOS 11 devices.
To access the feature, simply:
• Open Settings ⇒ scroll down and tap on Control Centre.
• On the next screen, tap on Customise Controls option.
• On the Customise Controls screen, scroll down and tap on the green plus button located next to 'Screen Recording' and this feature will be added to the Control Centre.
• This is the final step.You can now be able to record your calls once the 'Screen Recording' feature is added to Control Centre.
• To stop recording the video, swipe-up on your phone's screen tap on the Record button again.

The recorded WhatsApp Videos will be saved and can easily be accessed anytime in Photos app.

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