Enugu State Plate Number Codes And What They Mean

Enugu State Plate Number Codes And What They Mean
Enugu State is a state in southeastern Nigeria, and it was created in 1991 from part of the old Anambra State.
Its capital city Enugu, and the state derived its name from that. The principal cities in the state are Enugu, Agbani, Nsukka, and Awgu.
You might have seen several cars with their licensed plate numbers from Enugu, and wondered what they meant.
Well, we'd be seeing the state's number codes and what they actually mean, so after today you do not get to look at them without having any ideas of what they are, anymore...Lol.

Enugu State Plate Number Codes And What They Mean

Without wasting much time, we'd be seeing the Enugu State number plate codes and their meanings.
The first three letters indicate the local government areas in which they were registered.

AWG = Awgu, Enugu (Awgu)
AGN = Nkanu (Agbani)
AGW = Ezeagu (Aguobu-Owa)
AWG = Awgu (Awgu)
BBG = Igbo-Eze (Ibagwa-Aka)
ENU = Enugu North(Enugu)
ENZ = Igbo-Eze North(Enugu-Ezike)
GBD = Igbo-Etiti (Ogbede)
JRV = Oji-River (Oji-River)
KEM = Isi-Uzo (Ikem)
NSK = Nsukka, (Nsukka)
UDD = Udi, Enugu (Udi)
UMU = Uzo-Uwani (Umulona)
UWN = Enugu South (Uwani)

The plate numbers are usually white in color, and inscriptions in blue. The background contains an outline of a map of Nigeria and te top left corner bears the Nigerian flag or the coat of arm. 
At the top centre, you'd find the state's name and slogan, and then he 'Federal Republic of Nigeria' is written at the bottom.

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