Don't Bother Signing Up For Iproo.net, You Won't Make Any Money

Iproo.net review
Iproo.net is a freelancing website who claim to be helping freelancers get connected to people who'd hire them for gigs.
With more than 14 video reviews, no one would actually believe that making money on the site is far more difficult than they tell you before you make the initial payment, and infact, near impossible.
According to their website, Iproo.net, the minimum amount of money you can make from a gig is $20, while the maximum is $60, and you have to complete it in 24 hours, which means you could be making anything around ₦10,000 everyday you get a gig and the good news is, it is 100% free to join...Lol!

It's 100% free to join, but you have to pay a one time fee of $2.60 or ₦920 as verification charges for all the details which you supplied them.

Now which details are they verifying?

• Your first name, middle name and last name
• State or origin
• Email and phone number
• Area of expertise
• Degree level
• Brief description of personality
• Bank
• Minimum amount you charge for a service
and maybe, your acceptance to their terms of service.

All the information above are things Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail and other sign up sites verify for us, free of charges, but they charge us for them and I wonder the verification processes they'd actually pass through.
Now, they claim to use information gotten from your location to serve their site specifically for you, but that is a very fat lie. 
I used a US VPN, it was still the same thing. Canada, UK, France and even India all brought out the same results and I didn't bother checking again.

So what am I saying?

The site might have been created by a Nigerian who is only interested in your ₦920 sign up fee, and probably hired freelancers from Fiverr to make those Oyinbo testimonial videos for them, because they know it'll build more trust.
As for the Nigerians, it won't even cost much to get an unpopular face to do the talking for you...Lol.
You know what I mean right?

Well, 2017, I actually paid them. I know you'd be surprised at how I knew they weren't paying? Don't quote me please, this is just an opinion and I only hope to help you make better decisions.
This is my own evidence of payment, it has been with me since 2017, and I'm writing this November, 2019.
Iproo.net review
As you can see, I actually paid the full verification money.

Fast ride to 2019, I never got any gig. I even contacted them once to know if I would even actually get any, and they just claimed to help me update my profile to get more offers.
I gave them information to include, they did and till now, no call, no email, no letter!

What about you? Have you paid to sign up? Did you get any gig? Kindly drop us a comment and don't forget to share to your friends.
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