Former Petroleum Minister, Tam David-West Is Dead

Former Petroleum Minister, Tam David-West Is Dead
Nigerian former petroleum minister, Professor Tamunoemi Sokari David-West is dead.
He dies at 83. The ex-minister was born in Buguma, Kalabari, in what is now Rivers State and received his higher education at the University of Ibadan (1956–1958).
He  earned a BSc degree at Michigan State University (1958–1960), an MSc degree at Yale University (1960–1962), and a PhD degree at McGill University.

He served in Nigerian government as commissioner of education and a member of the Executive Council of Rivers State (1975–1979), as a member of the fifty-person Constitution Drafting Committee for the Federal Military Government of General Murtala Muhammed (1979), as federal minister of petroleum and energy under General Muhammadu Buhari (1984–1985), and as minister of mines, power, and steel under General Ibrahim Babangida (1986).

He was eventually removed as minister and arrested by the Babangida regime for allegedly contributing to the economic adversity of the country; discharged and acquitted of these charges by Nigeria’s Special Appeal Court on 8 August 1991.
May his soul rest in peace!

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