Step By Step Guide On How To Become An Air Hostess In Nigeria

Step By Step Guide On How To Become An Air Hostess In Nigeria
This article will be explaining the various things involved in becoming a successful air hostess in Nigeria including benefits, how to train as an air hostess in Nigeria and salaries/compensation plans.
Being a flight attendant/air hostess is not as hard as many think as the requirements are not so strict. You also don't need to have a specific  academic qualification though some companies prefer it if you have a basic degree.
Some airline companies also prefer candidates who have completed a diploma in tourism and hospitality industry, hotel management or other related courses.

Requirements For Being An Air Hostess

There are some basic requirements that one needs to fulfil before being enrolled as an air hostess in Nigeria or other parts of the world. Carefully go through the list and don't hesitate in dropping us a comment if you have any questions or contributions to make.

• Educational qualification

Like I earlier said, their are no basic academic requirements but some firms prefer candidates that have previously obtained diplomas in tourism and hospitality industry, hotel management or other related courses.
Also, some airlines might require a basic university degree in any of the courses I listed above. There are many schools that offer the courses in Nigeria so you can easily enroll into any one of your choice.

• Language

Knowing how to speak more than one foreign language can be an added advantage and should be included in your CV while applying for the job.
It can also help you in getting a job with foreign airline companies since they'd be traveling across different countries and you'll be meeting passengers that understand various languages.

• Your health

Just like pilots, air hostesses are meant to have clear eyesight. If you are suffering from myopia, hypermetropia or other eye defects, I'm sorry, this job might not be for you.

• Training

You'll be trained in various things like:
  - How to deliver a baby, in case a passenger goes into labour pains in-flight. You will be able to manage the situation until the emergency services can take over on the ground.
  - Survival training is also another basic skill you should possess. You should be able to know how to create a shelter, find safe drinking water or food and attract help in the Arctic, deserts, rainforests or jungle.

• Physique

An air hostess should be physically appealing. I'm not not saying that you should be a model, but you should at least be 5ft 3 inches tall before you can apply.

• Customer service traits

This is a job that requires passion if you want to go far in it. Are you hostile to passengers? Your attitude really matters a lot and can even cost you the job.
In fact, your attitude towards people will be assessed among other traits before you'd be admitted into an aviation school. If you aren't friendly towards people, I'd advise you work on your cordiality before even applying.

• Age

You should be at least 18 years to apply for the job of an air hostess in many airline companies. Some companies can extend the age limit for up to 21 years or more, but it is generally preferable to start the application process when you are young. Most airlines give preference to younger ladies over the older ones.

• Marital status

Most aviation institutes prefer unmarried ladies though some can also allow the married women. The marital status depends on the policy of the institute but I suggest you apply before you get married as you might be standing a greater chance of getting accepted.

• A valid international passport

It is imperative that you possess an international passport if you'd be working for an international airline.
According to NigerianInfopedia.com, the cost of a:
  - 32-page five-year standard passport price is ₦25,000
  - 64-page five-year standard passport costs ₦35,00
  - 64-page 10-year standard passport price is ₦70,000; and
  - 32-page five-year official passport costs ₦15,000.
The prices might vary as some miscellaneous charges might be incurred during the application process.

Criteria To Keep After You've Gotten The Job

• Your weight will be watched

Air hostesses are not allowed to gain weight once they have been issued the job. You can’t change your uniform to a bigger size once the airline issues it to you.
If your weight increases, the airline will give you a month to lose weight, otherwise you will be put on a weight management programme.

• You're not allowed to drink the night before a flight

This rule is not only for the flight attendants, but the entire cabin crew. They are usually subjected to  alcohol and drugs testing before a flight as it is illegal to be intoxicated on an aircraft. You are meant to be booze-free for at least 12 hours before take-off.

• Flight attendants get quizzed before each flight

According to a post by Beth Windsor, a former flight attendant who have worked for several airlines, including British Airways in her four years career as a flight attendant, air hosts/hostesses are usually quizzed before embarking on each flight.
They undergo a briefing with the senior cabin crew member and are asked two emergency procedure questions and one medical. Anyone that fails to answer the questions correctly doesn't get to join the rest of the cabin crew in the flight.

• Strict grooming standards

Have you ever wondered why flight attendants are always looking immaculate? Well, that's because of the strict grooming standards they must follow while working with the airline.
For example;
  - Your skirts can’t go above your knees
  - Your heels must not be higher than three inches
  - Lipsticks must constantly applied and have to be a certain shade of red
  - Your nails must always be manicured with only red, pink or French polish
In addition to these, some airlines also check the colour of your bra before each flight. This is the reason why flight attendants always appear uniform and cute.

Benefits of being an Air Hostess

If you're someone that enjoys travelling around the world, then you'd surely enjoy working as an air hostess. In addition to this, you'll also get to meet influential people like celebrities and politicians in-flight.

The pay is also good as you can earn as much as ₦100,000 to ₦300,000 monthly as a flight attendant. So in short, you earn for travelling around the world.

What is the role of a flight attendant?

Before applying for the job of an air hostess, you should be able to understand your roles as it'll help you in passing the interview and carrying out the job efficiently.

• Control of aircraft cabin

A flight attendant helps in guiding passengers and directing the activities of the cabin prior, during and after a flight.

• Victuals service

A flight attendant is also in charge of serving the passengers with food and drinks during the flight. This is similar to the job of a waiter in a restaurant.

• Inventorying

Inventorying involves taking stock of all items in the aircraft’s cabin before flight takeoff and after landing. It is done to endeavour that each passenger gets his or her luggage after landing. It also accounts for for payments done during the flight.

How To Become An Air Hostess/Flight Attendant In Nigeria

Having seen the benefits and things involved in becoming an air hostess in Nigeria, we'd now head over to the steps proper. Don't be scared, it's not cumbersome you just have to:

• Get admitted into an aviation training school

The first step in getting a job as an air hostess is by fist securing a admission into an aviation school. There is a number of aviation training instituters in Nigeria where intending flight attendants can enrol to receive the basic training.
One of the popular aviation schools in Nigeria is the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) in Zaria, Kaduna State. At NCAT, you will have to undergo an 8-week intensive training process that costs between ₦400,000 to ₦500,000

• Apply for flight attendant jobs in Nigeria

Having passed through the basic training, you can proceed to the application process. In some cases, the institutes connect their students to airline companies while in some cases you'd have to apply for it yourself. You can visit the official websites of various airline companies as they post vacancies their.
Please also note that some firms accept applications from people that have not been trained already. So if you don't have enough funds to sponsor you through the institute but have passion for the job, you can still proceed to the application process.

What more? Don't forget to drop us a comment and share with your fiends. Before you leave, also check out our next article on how to create cartoons with your Android phones and make more than ₦50,000 per month.
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