7 Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Anambra State

7 Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Anambra State
Are you looking for a a good secondary school in Anambra State for your wards? Well, we've compiled a list of the seven most expensive schools in the State.
You know, there's this thing between Nigerian parents and expensive schools that make them chosse them over the 'other ones'. One fact is that no school will charge you a six-figure school fee and offer a low standard education, many of the schools in this list have won series of awards that justify the fees.

So, here is our list of the most expensive schools in Anambra State:

• Frank Concepts, Awka
• British Spring College, Awka
• Learning Field International School
• Grundtvig International Secondary School
• Supreme Knowledge Comprehensive Schools
• Royal Saints International Schools
• Saint Charles College, Onitsha

What did I miss? Kindly drop them as comments below and don't forget to share with your friends. Also check out the comprehensive list of the 6 best schools in Imo State.
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