Sometimes Installing A New Garage Door Is Better Than Repairing The Former

Sometimes Installing A New Garage Door Is Better Than Repairing The Former
All problems concerning your garage door require immediate attention.
However, there are instances when you are torn between installing a new garage door or having it repaired by a garage door repair Southlake company. In most situations, garage door issues can be easily addressed by a simple repair. 
What if you encounter the same issue over and over again? Is repairing your garage door enough to address the problem? Asking the right questions will help you decide when it is time to get a new garage door installed rather than spend your money on repairs. 

In addition to the cost associated with continuous repairs, the option may not be practical. A recent study shows that 54% of American homeowners have never hired a professional to perform garage door safety check. This is why it is only when situations become worse that a homeowner decides to call a repair technician.
Without regular maintenance, some parts of your garage door may no longer work properly. It might be too late for you to realize that these components are putting your safety at risk. It has been estimated that around 12700 garage door injuries have occurred in the United States each year, 1600 of which occurred during garage door DIY maintenance and repair. 

Is your garage door old and outdated?

If your garage door has not been replaced for more than a decade, expect it to underperform as some of its components might already be worn. Operating an old garage door can be dangerous, especially if it has not been maintained. Not only will you pose a serious threat to your safety as there is a possibility that the door will fall over, but old outdated garage doors can also put your privacy and security at great risk. 
Thieves are more likely to break into your home once they find out that your garage door is malfunctioning. Newer models have advanced safety features that can protect you and your valuable assets against thieves. 

Are you wasting your money on continuous garage door repairs?

Another reason it is time to upgrade your garage door rather than repair it is when you have been dealing with the same problem. Some garage door parts may be beyond repair and the only way to resolve the issue is to have your garage door replaced. You can risk damage to your property or an injury if you keep using broken garage doors. While delaying a new garage door might save you money, that is not the case in the long run. Using an old garage door can be costly and dangerous. If it is no longer closing completely or making strange noises, it is an indication that your garage door needs replacement.

When repairs cost more than the installation

Without looking at the bigger picture, you might perceive a new garage door installation as an expensive project. However, continuous repairs are even more expensive without even realizing it. Your garage door needs to be secure to deter intruders from getting through. Newer models have features that are more secure and can prevent injuries. 
The savings you will obtain from installing a new garage door is one of the reasons installation is more cost-effective in the long run. Since your new garage door is not consuming too much energy, you can also expect your bill to be lower than before. Your old garage door may lack proper insulation that you find it difficult to cool or heat your home. A new garage door guarantees to be energy efficient.
Your garage door is also the center of attraction as it is the feature that most people will notice. Being a prominent feature of your property, it needs to be presentable all the time. A broken garage door makes your home unappealing. 
With a new garage door, you will be able to enhance your home's curb appeal. An old and outdated garage door can give you trouble. Investing in a new one can give you a lot of long-term benefits. Not only does it enhance the overall beauty of your home, but it also provides safety and security when you are away from home. 

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