My Married Friend Is Falling In Love With Me. What Should I Do?

My Married Friend Is Falling In Love With Me. What Should I Do?
A Facebook user, Onwuka Udonsi Kalu shared a post in popular Facebook group, Igboist talking about his married friend, who is showing signs that she is in love with him.
According to the young man, the lady in question already has two kids, and they have known each others for a very long time now.

The lady shares photos, hugs, kisses with him and even calls him more often than usual.

Read the post and drop your advice for him on what next to do.
My Married Friend Is Falling In Love With Me. What Should I Do?

‘I have this married woman friend. She was actually my mate in school way back. We saw each other again via social media and we have become great friends.
She is married with two kids now. There is something I have noticed and just want to know if it is normal for her to do?
1. She calls me very often and has so much time for me on the phone
2. She tells me everything about her. Even about her husband .she even complains about her husband to me.
3. She sends me her pictures even when I have not requested. She also sends me video of her, not naked though
4. She deletes her chats with me
5. She once took me out
6. She tells me she misses me
7. She loves to call me on video often
8. She calls me pet names and says I am handsome, that I resemble a celebrity
9. She never asks about my fiancee.
10. I asked her if she loves me, because of all these signs I am seeing and she says she can't love. But she likes me. I can't date a married woman, but want to know the best way to handle her and also if this woman's relation to me is normal.
11. She once hugged me
12. She discusses s*x with me, even s*x with her husband
13. She gossips with me
14. She tells me everything
15. She sends me airtime
Please advice. Truth of the matter is, because of the attention she gives me, I am becoming fond of her and it is not good.

What do you think the innocent man should do now? Kindly drop us a comment and don't forget to share to your friends.

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