Remi Tinubu Sponsors Bill That Recognises Male Rape In Nigeria

Remi Tinubu Sponsors Bill Seeking Redress Against Male Rape Victims
Remi Tinubu has sponsored a bill that seeks to redress sections of the criminal code act, 2004, that address rape, The Cable reports.

Previously, if a Nigerian male is raped, he has nothing to do as the Nigerian constitution doesn't recognise male rape as a thing. But good news to the guys, the law is about to change as a bill recognising male rape in Nigeria has passed a second reading at the Senate.

Speaking before the Senate, Tinubu said, “there are incidents of non-consensual sex perpetrated against the male gender,” and described the code’s definition of rape as something that happens to women as “grievous.”

The bill also seeks to extend the statute of limitation of child abuse, which is currently set at 2 months. Tinubu said:

This is untenable in a country where investigations often take longer than two months.

Considering the shortage of police personnel, relative to our population as prescribed by international standards, the two months limitation is unlikely to be met at all.

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