Avoid Doing THIS This Christmas If You Do Not Have Enough Money

Avoid Doing THIS This Christmas If You Do Not Have Enough Money
It's two days to Christmas, and three to boxing day.
I know we're all excited, and probably already slaughtered, or would be slaughtering the animals that will be blessing our 25th.

Well, you're also barely a year older than you were last year, and I think we all should be wiser. Have you thought about the reasons for the season? There are Christmas songs everywhere, and it seems we'll not ever get used to them.

I want to use this medium to wish you Merry Christmas, and hope we all get the best of 2020.

Before I begin, we all know that this year isn't one of the best we ever had. You might not have had the kind of money you had last year for the same purposes, yet you want to catch an equivalent level of fun.

- Do not borrow to buy chicken

Most of the things we do are traditions we really do not know where they came from. Who made it a law that you must kill chicken for the d-day?

You could actually buy beef from the market, prepare some delicious rice and stew, and make your family smile as they always have been. There's no essence killing yourself over buying Turkey fowls which could be running into #10,000 each when your salary is not even up to #40,000.

So if you spend so much on birds, what happens to the rice and other necessities?

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- You must not get new clothes

When we were younger, I thought new clothes were a necessity for Christmas until I came to my twenties. Whenever time of the year you feel like getting new clothes to improve your wardrobe, walk into the market, get something nice and return home.

Clothes do not look better during Christmas, and they are even actually more expensive. Tailors seem to have so much work, and even the clothes you prepared to use for New Year will possibly not be available.

- Be careful when you get to your village

You might have heard a lot about your village, and probably anticipating going to see your relatives. When you get there, you have to be very careful.

There have been a lot of news about people who returned with strange and incurable ailments, and you might not want to be a victim. A friend's uncle was buried recently, and from what he said, the young man was poisoned when he went to hang out with his relatives.

They had just finished a burial ceremony, and they went to a bar to drink. At the end of the day, he went home to begin vomiting and didn't make it to the next morning.

- Use it as a business opportunity

If you are a wise investor, you can actually make serious sales in the course of the celebrations. You can think about selling clothes on Jumia or Konga, or even set up your own website.

A little investment in Facebook, Instagram or even Opera News ads will go a long way. Opera has hundreds of millions of readers and if you can tap from 1/10 of them, you'll make a couple millions before then.

Thanks a lot for reading along. If you're looking for some lucrative businesses you'd start, I have made a free video for you. You'll find out the 10 easiest ways to make money online in the year 2020.
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