Things You MUST Do If You Do Not Want To Be Robbed This Festive Period (MUST READ)

Things You MUST Do If You Do Not Want To Be Robbed This Festive Period (MUST READ)
Christmas is here again, and right after is new year. The celebrations run for a few days, and will not be seeing its end until mid January.
Have you imagined getting robbed in the next few days? You could lose your car, mobile phone and even cash to the criminals. Aside that, the rate of kidnapping is relatively high, and you have to take precautions to avoid becoming a victim.
While we are eating our chicken and rice, let's not forget that a little mishap could ruin the whole mood.

Read on and we'll be seeing some tips to help you stay safe from robbers this Christmas.

- Avoid keeping late nights

Cardi B came to Nigeria a few weeks ago, and Meghan Thee Stallion performed in the country a few days ago too. It is not different in other countries, as music icons and promoters keep on setting night events to help them make some money.

I always have one safety rule, don't attend any night event if it wouldn't be overnight. I mean, the distance from the venue to a hotel could be a couple steps, and anything could happen.

It is safer to remain in your house, or attend only events that last through the night.

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- Always tell people where you're going to

You never know, but people might be in the position to tell you that your next destination is not safe. Don't just stand up and leave the house when you want to.

There have been cases where friends organised people to rob their friends, and the good people are always the victims.

- Make sure you lock your doors and gates very well

It might not look so necessary, especially since it is something you do everyday, but it actually is. Whenever you're going out, make sure you lock your doors and windows very well.

A family friend went to church on Sunday to return home and meet his house in a mess. Robbers had entered and gone away with so many valuables, including two laptops, mobile phones, jewelries and of course, cash. It was in the course of investigation that we came to find out that the hoodlums didn't even break into the house, but rather got in through an open backyard door.

Also, you should ensure you properly lock your doors in the nights. There's nothing as freaking as having to be woken up by armed men, and it is worst when they have already effortlessly made their way into the compound.

- Don't put on implicating clothes

If you know clothes associated with cult groups and gangs, quietly avoid them this festive season especially if you're living in a place known for such stuff.

I can dress the way I like while at home, but it wasn't same when I was in school. These criminals can use anything as an excuse to dispose you of your precious mobile phones and cash.

Anything we do to stay safe this Christmas and New Year period is worth it. What do you think? Kindly drop us a comment and don't forget to share to your friends.
Meanwhile, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year friends! I hope to get a reply.
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