How To Watch Netflix Movies Free For Life With A Hacked Netflix Android App

How To Watch Netflix Movies Free For Life With A Hacked Netflix Android App
Movies are something we almost can't do without, and life becomes more interesting when you do not have to visit the cinemas to catch fun anymore.
Netflix.com is one of the biggest English movie streaming mobile application in the world, and they'd probably have thousands of movies on their platform, which you can watch for only a monthly subscription of around ₦4,000 (wow)!
Did I hear only? A Nigerian would hardly have some ₦48,000 to spend on movies in a year, while still streaming them with their subscription...Lol.

What do I mean? Watching movies are expensive, maybe that is exactly why you do not have the Netflix app now.
I, however do not pay anything to watch movies on Netflix! It's upto three months since I purchased the app, and it has been an everyday of free fun!

How Can I Get The Hacked Netflix App?

It is for only Android users (sorry if you use iOS, it's not the most expensive app you guys use even), and you do not have to renew any subscriptions or update the app.
I got  it for ₦1,000 from an online vendor, and I'm selling it at the same price for the next 25 people who'd buy from me (I already sold more than 70 units since after publishing this first).
When you pay, I send it to you via WhatsApp and you can begin to watch your next dream movie in the next 5 minutes.

Kindly WhatsApp me via +2349072979302 or email [email protected] if interested.
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