Before You Sign For Netflix To Remove ‘The First Temptation Of Christ’, Read This

Before You Sign For Netflix To Remove ‘The First Temptation Of Christ’, Read This
I was on my own earlier today, taking some peanuts and minding my business when a friend sent me a message on my WhatsApp.
I can't remember exactly what the messages were word-for-word, but I remember seeing something like, 'Hello, I just signed that Netflix should pull down the movie, ‘The First Temptation Of Christ’ from their platform, and you can do same by clicking [inserts link]'.
I was like, Lol, bro, something that I was almost done downloading. It was fun, but I was wondering how I could hear of such viral movie, and don't watch it!

Well, let's take that for an intro! I already mentioned my name above there, and if you're just meeting me for the first, I'm a twin, not-so-religious blogger. Basically, I'm a theist, but don't not a fan of your favorite religion!
Two or three days ago, news started making headlines that top movie streaming platform, Netflix had just released a movie on their platform, and they had shown the figurehead of the Christian religion, Jesus Christ to be gay!

You know? Looking from the side of an LGBT tolerant young man, I didn't actually catch the whole stuff very offensive. Inasmuch as the Christian Bible is so against being gay, there are rainbow Christians who wouldn't mind their savior being called gay.
I went forward to load my Netflix app (click here if you want to get a hacked Netflix app and watch it without any monthly fees), search for the movie and download it.
Naturally, I prefer downloading to streaming online to avoid my constant battles with network. Today was a good day, and I got the full 46-minutes movie in my phone in less than 20 minutes.
46 minutes, yea, but it was long enough to make Netflix loose over 10 million customers in 48 hours!
After downloading and watching it, my mind changed and I actually saw reasons why Christians should not take the movie for a joke.
Before then;

- Netflix expected something like this before releasing the movie

Surprised? Celebrities fake their deaths to sell music, actresses fake accidents to gain relevance, and you think Netflix wouldn't release such movie to get themselves new millions of users?
If the movie wasn't so controversial, I wouldn't have spent my 200MB downloading it, and another 46-useful minutes of my life downloading it.
Controversies sell in the entertainment industry, and the company might just release a simple apology and pull down the movie after two weeks, after thousands of people would have hopped into their app to stream and download it.

- Jesus Christ Isn't The First Religious Head To Be Called 'Gay'

If Jesus were still to be on Earth, I bet you he wouldn't drop a statement concerning the issue. He got plenty more insults according to the Bible, but didn't pull anyone's hair even though 'he had the power to'.
What do I mean? Stop threatening bricks and hailstone, you can't really do anything. Quietly uninstall your Netflix app and move on with your life. Even the Muslim Mohammed has been called bisexual in some viral contents, and we can't stop such things, and there are more important things to do than fighting a 'Jihad'.

- The movie was meant to insult Christianity, not be a comedy

After watching the movie, I came to know that it wasn't actually meant to be a comedy, or support LGBT, but to insult the Christianity religion.
I remember seeing God (who was Jesus' uncle) trying to f*ck Mary in the movie, and they were joking around having him out of conception. The person who played the role of God even said something like he wanted to make a female baby with Mary.

Jesus at some point said he didn't like God's ways and somethings he did like leaving Jonah in the fish's belle for 3 days.
His gay friend later turned out to be the devil in disguise, and he fought with God and won him in a first battle! That is something every Christian will find offensive!

Being atheist is cool, and your sexuality is all your business. I however do nor support the idea of castigating a religion, especially to the negative.
An average Christian wouldn't do that to your religion, so I think you should respect theirs!

- Christians do same all the time!

Pardon me, I said an average Christian wouldn't do that! 
Well, how many times have you seen native doctors being called the powers of darkness in movies?
Then they'll fight with a pastor and lose the battle...haha!
Now the table turned, and Christians are wailing. You see, it's bad to be fed from your own cup of tea. We've been doing these all our lives.
We call the other holy books lies, and now they just did same. I only hope Netflix do now loose upto 50% of their 60 million customers.
What do you think? Kindly drop us a comment and don't forget to share to your friends.

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