The Six-Effective E-commerce Plug-Ins For WordPress

The Six-Effective E-commerce Plug-Ins For WordPress
In the digital world we live today, opting to build an online store seems to be growing more by each year. 
There are the SAAS (software as a service) platforms like Shopify and big commerce sites, which are considered to have powerful word press ecommerce plug-ins
The two of them have advantages, but there is nothing impressive like being in a position to turn your current word press site into a functional online store. With time you could be blogging and grow its followers and eventually launch a product gallery with merchandise and eBooks.

The best way to make money online is by selling your products. This can be done with several helpful plug-ins. The good news concerning these word press ecommerce plug-ins is that they offer similar features and benefits as the SAAS products. 
Also, when used, you get excellent support resources, thriving development communities, and integrating easy management of the content in the world. Therefore, everything you seller, whether donuts or digital downloads, you can be up and running in a few minutes.

Below I have outlined the best of the best plug-ins. However, some of them cater to different users, while others are only suitable for selling specific products. For example, you may only need to sell the video content on your website. If that is the case, then there are outstanding options that you must consider. If it is a different product, then choose the corresponding plug-ins that work best for the product. 
If you are you are trying to make it big as a digital retailer or you would like to invest more in the physical stores, it is good to narrow down which ecommerce plug-in is perfect for your business.


You must have heard about or come across the woo commerce, if you haven’t, let me introduce to you the king of the ecommerce plug-in ever known to exist. Its name is synonymous with instantly turning the word press blogs into functional stores and remaining as a popular solution. 
From 2015 when it was acquired by Automatic, its popularity has dramatically increased and currently known for powering over 8% of all ecommerce sites online. Another reason for its continued growth is that it was acquired by the Automatic, which is the organization that operates word press.
Woo commerce is regarded as one of your best solutions when building and expanding an online store. 
You can create a store for your blog with five different products or add an extensive collection of the product. The plug-in pricing is always the same, free. That offers support for the unlimited products and visitors provided you’re hosting, and infrastructure can handle it.

Easy digital downloads (EED) 

If you need a word press that offers a simple, intuitive way of managing and selling digital products on word press easy digital downloads (EDD) is the better option. The woo-commerce supports this plug-in though the EDD has many features focusing on digital sales. 
Also, its interface is much cleaner when compared to the woo-commerce. The plug-In offers outstanding solutions even when you are dealing with a non-physical product like the eBooks, audios clips, or the PDF files. Its success surely lies in its ability to offer core solutions freely. The only things you need to do to benefit from the EDD plug-in is installing it on your website and instantly begin selling your digital products. 
The word press plug-in for business websites usually has features that offer discount codes, file accessing control, and activity tracking.

Cart66 cloud 

The outstanding thing about this plug-in is that it is smartly built to cater to the needs of everyone. It has taken a minimal approach in reducing the number of add-ons required for this plug-in to work since when they are many, they slow down your online stores. Its features are built in the sense that it improves the efficiency of your website.
Although the woo commerce has set the bar too high, cart66 cloud has built a solid niche to go through the completion and thriving. If you are not a website developer, you might consider this plug-in quite handy.  However, it offers its users its marketplace of vendors that significantly spread the word about your products.

Ecwid ecommerce shopping cart 

It is used on any website that you would like and operates from any platform, including tumbler, Facebook, word press, among others. When compared to other plug-ins, it is more affordable since it offers reasonable payment plans.  
Also, it provides more built-in features and not a library of add-ons.

WP Easy Shopping Cart and ecommerce stores

It is one of the less known yet powerful plug-ins for the ecommerce business. It can be installed both in the new and the existing blogs and websites. After the installation, it creates three pages; the front, cart, and the account page. 
From there, you can customize the default language and currency for your stores. It offers integration to selling through social media hurdles like Facebook and Instagram, which can take your store to the next levels. It also provides stripe, Google pay, Apple Pay, and other integration that your store would consider necessary for their market.

Jigoshop ecommerce 

This plug-in is the oldest of all the word press ecommerce, dated back in 2011.  It was made with an idea of developing an open-source solution where the word press users could turn their blogs into online stores. We can conclude the Jigoshop inspired the concept of the word press ecommerce plug-ins.
It supports a wide range of digital products, physical goods, and other variable products. The platform has detailed reports and wonderful tools that help in managing your stock. Markedly, it is intuitive and more straightforward than most of the descent plug-ins has.


All these plug-ins offer you excellent opportunities for your stores into money-making machines. However, to maximize your sales it is essential to choose an ecommerce plug-in that integrates well with other services and suites best for your store.
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