Why Does Africa Need Inclusive And Equitable Quality Education For All?

Why does Africa need inclusive and equitable quality education for all?
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about “Education”?
Perhaps education is a key to success and freedom for all of us. Perhaps education is a key to the door of all your dreams. 
Or perhaps education is a way to unlimited learning. Be it a life shaper or a powerful weapon, education is our birthright and each and every single person on the earth should be educated as it changes your bad today into a good tomorrow. 
Have you ever thought, how education can contribute to the growth and development of Africa?
Well, education:
1. Broadens the horizon of thoughts, views & opinions of Africans
2. Makes society more civilised
3. Connects it to the world to learn how it works & how to face drastic negative social situations.
But that’s not all.
Most people give more preference to primary education only. Do you think primary education alone can serve the purpose of achieving one’s dreams and making the country progress? No way! Then what do you think is required further? A good quality higher education is a must for a brighter future. Isn’t it? 
It will uplift the society and free all the citizens from the clutches of ignorance, poverty and disempowerment, and will give people the capacity to reconstruct their life by innovation and global citizenship. Africa’s huge population can be a “demographic dividend” only if they are given good quality education and appropriate skills.

Most of the time students refrain from good quality of education which affects their productive career too. What matters most is getting lifelong learning opportunities, adequate school facilities, and well-trained professionals to make their future a bright one! Despite considerable progress in school enrolments, millions of children remain out of school and in fact fail to acquire the basic skills. Achieving this goal will require intensified efforts. Also, what matters most in terms of quality education is the educational content. Are the academic courses and the teaching material relevant to the subject? Does the curriculum highlight the importance of national and international issues?

An environment matters the most when it comes to valuable learning. So we also need to check if the learning environment is healthy, secure, protective, inspiring and adaptable for both girls and boys.
So, who would provide them with quality education and appropriate skills? Who would finally be their life shaper? The list is long but it may be tough to search for the best among the best Universities in Zambia.  As the quality of education, well-trained professionals and appropriate skills matter the most for a promising career, Cavendish University of Zambia is the right choice; the one and only one where one can not only discover the inner potential but also gain vast knowledge in the subject of interest.

How is Cavendish University Zambia involved in the education and training space?

Cavendish University Zambia (CUZ), established in 2004, is considered one of the best universities in Africa. Because this is the only university where the trained professionals go by the mission and vision of the university of transforming students into responsible, educated, employable and entrepreneurial citizens. 
The trained professionals in CUZ ensure that the class is interactive, innovative, student-centric, and prefer experiential methodology.

Knowledge is meant to be spread everywhere. CUZ has also started a distance learning programme that allows students to study from all parts of the world.
If there is a will, there is a way!
Of course to bring many changes, there has to be the country’s will. Without political will and resources, African countries will not succeed in achieving inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong opportunities.

In a world of rapid change, Cavendish University is giving a lot of scope to their students in terms of learning and sharing their knowledge across countries with a mission to improve the education system within the country.
For many, getting primary and secondary education is enough, but for the rest, opting for higher education is the only way to achieve one’s goal. Interested in getting a promising and a life-changing career?
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